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Me Playing With My Penis


Genres: Experimental / Ambient / Comedy

Location: Chicago, IL

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4 tracks

Members: Max and Joe

06/13/2006 OUR NEW ALBUM IS FINISHED!!! Go to www.myspace.com/mpwithmp to learn how you can pick up your very own copy of "Ass Jackers" If we sell 10 albums we break even. So begins the countdown. They sell for $10 each and are jam packed with 11 ground breaking tracks plus a bounus trak that was supposed to be hidden but I couldn't hide it.

04/21/2006 We got a new song up "U.F.A." It's a real treat for those who are as ugly as we are. So check it out. Also I don't know if you guys had the pleasure of listening to Diet Cola so I uploaded that as well. It seems that Diet Cola is our number 1 hit song. Our album line up is now complete and all that's left is a mix down and cover design. We'll keep you posted as to when that will happen.

04/10/2006 Well it seems like MP with MP won't be able to finish their album until May 15th. *tear
But that's ok because we'll still kick out the jams and will party till we die when the album is released. The main reason for this posting is not just to announce sad news but to commuicate with the one loyal fan we seem to have. Although we have no idea who you are I just seem to notice that we get at least one hit a day so here is something new to read while youst jack off to our music and pictures.

02/27/2006 Another new song available, this puts us one song away from completing the album. Hope you enjoy the new song "Wankers Anonymous"

01/09/2006 Well let Me Playing with My Penis ring in the new year with a new song "An Optimistic Prayer for our Nations Youth." We now have 9 tracks on our album Ass Jackers. We will write two more songs before we have our offical release party, so stay tuned and keep in touch. Close touch. You know, all intimate like. With your penis. We will also be adding some new pictures shortly as well.

09/25/2005 Alright new song recorded. We haven't named the song officially but I'm labeling it as "Call Me Daddy". So check it out and call me daddy.

08/16/2005 Well after playing one succesful show. Me Playing with my Penis disbanded. Hahaha. Good times. Basically Mike didn't want to be in the band anymore, and I got lazy about writting new songs. And Me being Joe. But now that the giant beast has awakend, Joe and Max are ready to make more stupid ass songs for your enjoyment. If you would like to actually download any of these mp3's, e-mail the contact address and I should be able to hook you up. Oh and I forgot to mention, Max and I will start collaborating on musical fusion when September rolls around. So be on the look out for some new tracks.



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