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Mel Washington Band


Genres: Christian / Indie / Rock

Location: Charleston, SC

Stats: 17 fans / 844 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Mel, Taylor, Gordon

Mel Washington Band. A progressive worship band from Charleston, SC. Check out the music. Leave some comments.


  • Kristin said:
    Dec 18
  • Brad said:
    hey man! Brad from "Thirsty Souls," your music's cool! Oct 27
  • indieshows said:
    Hi, Would you consider posting your shows at indieshows.net? You can post 10 shows at a time so it won\'t take very long... You fans will be able to get reminded, add themselves to your event\'s attending list and e-mail their friends your show\'s info.! Thanks for considering it! Billy www.indieshows.net Dec 16
  • watchoutimblonde said:
    twack attack!!!! love you man. Feb 22
  • &bayleaf; said:
    you are amazing, I saw you at aroma underground in florence, friday. it was a great show, and I really hope you come back soon. Feb 18
  • Never Did A Thing....Slow said:
    ...and Taylor...you are prolly the best bass player iv ever heard, seriously Jan 20
  • Never Did A Thing....Slow said:
    you guys rock...i loved you in concert at St.Stephens. it was amazing.! Jan 20

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