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Genres: R&B / Soul / Emo

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From the time I first sang I knew that I wanted to sing to the world. I felt music in my veins but I was always told that I will never make and that it is a dream and so I listened and silenced my soul.

For years I contained my voice to only a few performances; talent shows, my room, & my inner sleep but everytime I saw an award show like the Grammys or the VMAs I deeply wished that it was me there. At the same time doubt enter my thoughts and I questioned if I had anything special to offer. Many people can sing well but perhaps their voices arent meant to be heard. Do I have one of those voices never to be heard by the world? But only to a lucky few! I hope not.

I am still trying to persue my dreams. Making my demos on the computer with the mixing of beats and my voice. It is professional but it is just a try and a start. I have many obstacles that I think about every day. My image is not what it's supposed to be. Do my songs have a story or are they just empty words.

Listening to negativity and non believers is not a hobby it is a path to my true dream and if I don't get to be heard by the world, its OK. I know that at least I tried and that a few DID listen to me but most of all I listened to myself.

If I am able to get a record deal and become a singer. I will know I have accoplished my dream to become an R&B singer.

The smallest things mean more to me.
They're what bring me hope.
The smallest things are what brings joy to my life.
It's amazing how that happens.
A delicate rose.
The shining of the moonlight.
A written entry in a lost diary.
Those are the little things that lifts my soul.




Jul 15, 2009