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Mobile Fusion contains useful information about the essential alternation in our behavior towards our most personal device-the mobile phone and just how businesses may use it to help keep old customers and obtain brand new ones. It is filled with tips, and methods based on how to setup and run successful mobile marketing campains. This book can help readers comprehend the jorney that mobile technology as a whole has had thus far and the fundamental alternation in behavior of todays’ consumer. Readers will even learn how apply SMS for business, setup paid ads, implement Google places for local company, local SEO,incorporate QR Codes into their campaigns, develop mobile presence through mobile websites and mobile apps, plus much more.

mobile apps marketing

Here are some from the topics covered in Mobile Fusion:
• Getting started with mobile marketing
• Understanding the impact of mobile marketing for your business
• Targeting and tracking the fast-changing connected millennia generation
• Taking full benefit of the mobile convergence
• Leveraging mobile advertising, promotion, and location-based marketing
• Building mobile sites and mobile apps
• Performing seo for local company for Google place, etc
• Building effective mobile SMS campaigns with a layered approach
• Integrating offline and online mobile marketing
•Use location-based marketing to obtain new clients and keep existing ones
•Use mobile marketing to improve brand loyalty

Posted Oct 27, 2012 at 6:27am