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Megadeth (Classics)


Genres: Metal / Progressive / Classic Rock

Location: New York, NY

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Members: Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman, Dave Ellefson, & Jimmy Degrasso

THIS IS A TRIBUTE PROFILE... In recognition of a band who forever changed Heavy Metal Music; and also, to Mr. Dave Mustaine, one of rocks most innovative musical minds.

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Megadeth was formed by guitarist Dave Mustaine after his well-publicized departure from Metallica, with early lineups featuring guitarists Kerry King (Slayer) and Greg Handevidt (Kublai Khan) among others. The lineups have changed much over the years, with the early changes no doubt due in part to Mustaine being rather hard to work with. But he has mellowed a bit over the years, and as a result Megadeth have carved a pretty nice career for themselves, gradually moving from early thrash beginnings, to power-thrash in their prime (Rust In Peace, arguably their high point), to a slightly more mainstream sound (but still heavy) on their later material. This seems to have divided their fan base a bit, as some wish a return to their more aggressive early days, while others like the current direction. Nonetheless, Megadeth remains an important band in the history of heavy metal, and the many accolades awarded them have been well deserved.

In April of 2002 Mustaine abruptly announced his departure from the band, and thus the dissolution of Megadeth, after nearly 20 years with the band. The triggering event was an arm injury suffered earlier that year, forcing him to stop guitar playing for an extended period and reassess his and the band's situation. But a year later, Dave was back, his injury cured thanks to physical therapy, and Megadeth was back in business. With his relationship with longtime bassist Dave Ellefson strained, Mustaine set about finding a new lineup to record with, eventually hooking up with new recruits Jimmy Sloas and Vinnie Colaiuta, along with a surprise performance from none other than early Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland. With this lineup, Megadeth recorded and released The System Has Failed, an album that predictably has generated all sorts of wide-ranging opinions, though Mustaine has clearly opted for at least a partial return to the glory days of mid-career Megadeth rather than the more experimental sounds of the last couple of albums. The album now released, Dave has put together yet another lineup, and looks set to continue the Megadeth saga.

RIP: former drummer Gar Samuelson, July 14, 1999, of liver complications.

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