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Mr. Meeble


Genres: Electronic / Indie / Rock

Location: Paris, France

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4 tracks

Members: Devin Fleenor, Michael Plaster, Blain Klitzke

Mr. Meeble is glitchy organic electronica and dark experimental pop, connected by bits of soul, hip-hop, and rock.

Flying in the face of earthly convention, Mr. Meeble issues a warning to everyone who checks out their indie debut album: Never Trust The Chinese. Between its title and content - this Phoenix based trio's sensual and soulful pop meets dark electronica record is bound to drop jaws, turn heads and offend, oh, maybe about a billion people. ... Read the full bio ...


  • «trinakitkatbar« said:
    oh wow. this is really neat. i love the vocals and the organic feel of the music. super cool May 19
  • N3cr0phelia said:
    pretty cool! ;D Jan 27
  • give.me.clarity. [boomtastic] said:
    you came recommended, and i must say i was not disappointed. nice. the sound is cool and easy listening. i approve ;] Jan 09
  • Lizzie said:
    I've just fallen in love! :P Jan 07
  • Coreh said:
    I love your guys' sound, and I like how you put a lot of songs on your album instead of just five like some groups do. Dec 31
  • Alycia said:
    wow your music is beautiful. i like fine and dragonfly a lot. you sound like something they would play on a cowboy bebop episode its fantastic! Dec 31
  • fay-fay said:
    Mr. Meeble, I am pleased to meetcha. Keep on creating. ^-^ V Dec 24
  • Joana said:
    This is awesome guys ^^ 'raindrops' is amazing as well as 'I fell through' Dec 23
  • leckss said:
    love, love, love. Dec 21
  • Linnea said:
    raindrops is pretty fuckin chill hahaha i love it very different Dec 20
  • Lane-Harry Lennon Muir said:
    you guys sound alot like Mr. Hudson! love the tunes! Dec 15
  • JESS! said:
    this is magnificiant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm in love :D Dec 14
  • jamieallover♥ said:
    awesome stuff!! i digg it :)) Dec 14
  • ResistToExist said:
    Very cool - I normally hate techno, but this stuff is awesome. Reminds me of Nine Inch Nails a little bit. Good job, guys :) Dec 11
  • Call Me sajen said:
    HOLY SHIT!! raindrops is the shit! awesome stuff guys :D Dec 10

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