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Mechanical Boy


Genres: Rock / Indie / Pop

Location: Houston, TX

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Members: Matt, Chris, Mike, Tim, Jason

In an age where bands define themselves in high-tech studios, on high-volume websites, and with touched-up photos, an ensemble whose definition is written in their music and articulated on a stage to an audience aghast has become a rarity and a gem. Enter Mechanical Boy. With relentless riffs and edgy layers of synths, stirring beats and charismatic vocals with a touch of irony, the sound of a new age begins to take shape. Mechanical Boy embodies and embraces the force of which the live performance was originally intended, but has since been lost in the fray with the advent of the digital era. The buzzy quintet has seen its fair share of obstacles. But rough beginnings make for an intriguing ride and this cast of characters has pulled itself up through the trials that cause so many to falter. Formed from the ashes of bands falling prey to such adversity, Mechanical Boy has learned the lessons of past collapses as well as present trends and has instead turned full-face to the future. Mechanical Boy's debut album, "Play Along," is a testament to this perspective by showcasing a live energy stripped of the studio sleight of hand. With an honest sound and integrity intact, the unencumbered members of Mechanical Boy are quickly ushering in their own footprint on the face of rock music.

If you are interested in getting your hands on a copy of "Play Along" the Debut Album from Mechanical Boy. Please visit www.smartpunk.com and order your copy today!


  • Jennifer said:
    Hello there the coolest band ever, this is (Jennifer R.) stopping by to say hello. :-) May you guy's have a great day -Jennifer .When I said Jennifer R you guy's already know me in person -Hint -hint you know my family. Anyway I am new to this site you guy's . God Bless sweet people. Aug 23
  • NiggaJeww! said:
    i saww yall yesterday! there amazing! Jan 17
  • Meesh. said:
    i HATE ike. Sep 11
  • Nancy Macfie said:
    Hey Jason, I think that is so awesome that all that hard work is paying off. Apr 01
  • likesmooses said:
    hey mechanical boy :] i just wanted to let you know that i was at the fitz last night and i thought you guys were awesome. and i love your song she does. thanks for entertainment. Dec 31
  • j e r e s. said:
    geez, I can\'t wait until the wiggle room and gordo\'s too. I\'ll be in the smack front dancing my heart out. Feb 02

Play Along

Sep 12, 2008


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