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  • Singapore property launch

    Buy condo in singapore is a widely talked about subject when it comes to what to buy in Singapore real estate. as a developed asian country, with sound government, sin…

    Dec 26, 2014

  • Lakeville Residence

    Lakeville Residence, a new condo in Jurong West thats highly talked about by Sg Prime Minister and referred to as the Jewel of Jurong Lake. Lakeville Price is now with…

    Dec 26, 2014

  • Alex Residences Singapore

    More info here about Alex Residences Price etc.   Alex Residences Singapore, anew and grand condo launch in central Singapore, namely Alexandra, right beside Redhill…

    Dec 22, 2014

  • Buying condo in Singapore

    Buying condo in singapore, it is important to know how and which places are good to invest in. especially for newbies, to buy condo in singapore may be too stressful.…

    Dec 09, 2014

  • Tips on buying real estate in Singapore

    Buying real estate in Singapore can be an intricate process. Some may choose to buy it for investment, or for own stay. But many are clueless if they should buy resale…

    Nov 11, 2014


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