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Added Jun 04, 2008



Comments (17)

  • Lexi said:
    Rawr! :D Dec 13
  • shannonshakedown said:
    Derek looks so young in this. ah, I love these boys. Nov 12
  • Jessica said:
    You guys are AMAZING :] I love you all! Dec 14
  • d00d its erica said:
    i love you guys so much! i've seen you so many times in concert i just cant get enough! Sep 18
  • Carie said:
    hot hot hot i want to sex you all haha kiddingg :) Sep 04
  • |~kayluhhh~| said:
    sexy can i. ya'll are hot. cant wait til warped tour tomorrowwww. =) Jul 24
  • Felicia Jamie; said:
    you guys are the hottest people alive. Jul 15
  • Kelsey said:
    you guys are sooo hot. and i cannot wait to see you at warped tour!!!!! you rock! Jun 14
  • Alyssa.™ said:
    I love you guys. Jun 10
  • Ashes said:
    derek sanders i want your babies right now =] Jun 08
  • your my weakness, baby. said:
    awwwh. thats a great picture of you guys! i love you all soo much!! -britt Jun 07
  • Perdue Dans Obscurite said:
    i love youu♥ Jun 07
  • Leah said:
    you guys are HOTT. keep rockin! Jun 05
  • Alisha *HappyDances!* said:
    very handsome guys!! Jun 05
  • Nicole said:
    Oh, Derek Jun 05