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Add spice to your relationship with sexy lingerie

When it comes to lovemaking, men love to see their women in erotic lingerie. Every woman should own at least a few classic lingerie items, such as a corset, babydoll and teddies, whether you're married or single. Lingerie has a magical way of making a woman feel like a sex goddess, helping her unleash her inner passion. When choosing lingerie, make sure it is made from good quality fabric such as satin, lace or cotton. Keeping a good arsenal of lingerie is a secret all ladies should know. Quality materials like that of soft cotton, silk and satin wear well and accentuate your natural curves and beauty. Lace and satin lingerie especially has a wonderful way of making men go weak at the knees and when you to slip into something lacy and sexy you're guaranteed to get your man off the couch and spending more time in the bedroom together.

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Choosing Lingerie

When choosing lingerie, either for yourself or your partner, the colour of the lingerie plays an important part as well. Darker, richer colours such as deep red, black lace, burgundy and midnight blue invoke a sense of lust and sophistication. Whereas colours such as pink, white and purple instill an idea of innocence and purity. Both colour schemes have their place and both invoke different feelings and emotions, so try to vary your lingerie collection with a bit of each. And remember no matter what colour or style you go for, your beautiful curves will look better than ever wrapped in divine silk and lace.

So if you want to feel sexy at any given time, make sure you own a few sexy lingerie items and you will surely make your man fall in love with you all over again, with the added bonus that you will feel young and sexy as well. There are various types of womens lingerie that the women of today, love to flaunt their beautiful bodies in, the main examples are corsets (which teamed with jeans or a skirt can even be worn outside the bedroom), teddies (which are very revealing), babydolls (the classic lingerie item), bodystockings (stockings for your whole body), sexy stockings (if your legs look sexy, you'll feel sexy!) and last but not least, role playing lingerie. You can choose to be a cheerleader, air hostess or cowgirl, what ever races yours and your partners pulses is good!

Lingerie For Special Occasions

Spice up Valentine's day, forget the old chocolates and stuffed bears, you could turn it into one of the most memorable evenings between you and your partner when you wear something that makes the day more special and the night go longer! This is what lingerie was made for, its a sure fire way to ignite the flames of passion between two lovers, whether you've just started dating or been married for years. This is also the perfect time to try something a little different to your normal lingerie items, such as role playing outfits. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but you'll find once you start, you and your partner, can get quite into it. Dressing up or playing a character can really spice things up and ignite a passion for one another you thought was long since gone. Maybe you can pretend to be the naughty librarian of your husband dreams, or play the half naked indian squall, or the air hostess you always fancied seducing a businessman and joining the mile high club, now you can do it in the comfort of your own home and with the love of your life. Playing out your fantasies can realy get a stale sexual relationship back on the right track!

And dont forget your wedding anniversary, this is another special occasion where lingerie can make the day more thrilling and exciting and really show your partner that you've still got what it takes to get their heart racing. Remember lovemaking and lingerie go hand in hand. It is a turn on for men to see their beautiful partners in these soft and sexy outfits and its a turn on for woman to wear soft and sexy outfits.

Lingerie For Everyday

Lingerie however is not only for special occasions. A lady who wants to continually spice up her love life and keep her partner begging for more, should have no fear in wearing a sexy outfit on a nightly basis, that's of course so long as you want to be made passionate love to every night! A husband, partner or boyfriend will surely be thrilled to come home to his beautiful lady who knows how to end a hard day at work with a little touch of dress-up and passion. Intimate apparel is all one needs to provide the right amount of tease factor come bedroom time.

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Posted May 18, 2012 at 12:55pm