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Maximum The Hormone


Genres: Post Hardcore / Screamo / Metal

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Stats: 256 fans / 11,077 plays / 10 plays today






Members: (investigando) es dificil hablando espanol sacar los miembros en paginas japonesas...


  • BUY CATS said:
    IF YOU LIKE maximumthehormone YOUR GONNA LOVE MY CATS purevolume.com/we_sell_cats Feb 28
  • iamthedarkness said:
    i love this band:D Feb 28
  • brent said:
    w t f!!! May 22
  • kuunDeerDancer♥ said:
    Chu chu lovely muni muni mura mura purin purin boroon nururureroreroooo (L) Mar 03
  • Coty said:
    No chu chu? D: Jan 13
  • *she screams my name* said:
    yeyeyeyeyeyeye wooo fuc ye !!!!!! please put rei rei rei rei rei rei rei ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma its amazin!!! Nov 08
  • xXx_xXx said:
    love nao... Oct 11
  • xXx_xXx said:
    great!...best!...like it much!...XD Oct 01
  • Vinicius Hetfield said:
    Fucking amazing Jun 01
  • maii heart said:
  • Elle {Blitskrieg Bop} said:
    you guys are like my fav band =) n yea whats up people is a great song to be on death note Mar 18
  • WeKillAtTwilight said:
    I love your song Billy In Despair so much! You guys are soo cool when i go to japan I would do anything to see you in concert. Jan 05
  • Cat said:
    i heart What's up People?! ! but it's the only MTH song i know :[ Dec 09
  • Matt Sanderson said:
    Its an opening to the show Dec 02
  • Matt Sanderson said:
    I really love these guys but not in a gay way just that they are cool from the show DEATHNOTE. Dec 02


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Manila, Philippines


Manila, Philippines


Tampa, FL


Atco, NJ

yurii kyu

Valparaso, Chile

yurii kyu

Valparaso, Chile


Manila, Philippines

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