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Matthew Thiessen and The Earthquakes


Genres: Pop / Rock

Location: Canton, OH

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I started this back in '98. I Haven't released anything aside from the occasional song that's found a home on a comp or two. At the moment, I am a great explorer such as Magellan or Ponce De Leon. I am searching for the great treasure known as free time. Once I've found it, the result may be a full length recording from said side project. But for now I got 3 songs coming out on the Mono Vs Stereo release MY OTHER BAND: VOLUME ONE
1. The Calendar, The Energy (If This Is You Then Woe Is Me)
2. The Warmth Of The Sun - this is a Beach Boys cover
3. Faking My Own Suicide (Demo)

It will also featuring the following side projects, aka "my other band", so check them out too
Agnes (Dave, our drummer in Relient K)
My Red Hot Nightmare (Ethan from the Supertones and Demon Hunter)
Royal Empire Music (Davy from Bleach)
Tyler Burkum (from Audio A)

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  • Cody Coffey said:
    i love you're music... always have. i'm in a crazy state. msg me on fb? cody coffey. Mar 15
  • xHOPEinsufferingx said:
    your songs are so beautiful :] Jan 27
  • Moi! said:
    "the warmth of the sun" should be up here! that song is so beautiful. Jan 07
  • superfast jellyfish said:
    these songs are so sweet. ily. :) Oct 11
  • Beth said:
    i really, really enjoy listening to you, Matty T. Just hearing your voice completely cheers up my day, and it's weird that when I hear songs like Be My Escape, I don't think "gah! This again?!" I love it. And your "other band" completely rocks my socks. Lovin the style. :) Aug 22
  • Mego said:
    great song, poison ivy. i really enjoyed when you and rookie sang it at the water street music hall in rochester this past june, it was amazing. i also really enjoyed the relient k performance as well, i've listened to you guys for years, since like grade 7 and i'm heading to college next fall. anyways hope God blesses you with everything that's great and holy Jul 14
  • Travis Crawford said:
    I was reading on your "Thanks to" section from relient K on your self titled album and saw "Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes" so I wondered what it'd sound like. This is very good music, I was already familiar with "Faking My Own Suicide" and "Deathbed". I saw relient K perform "Deathbed" in St. Louis on your Uncle Festour last year and it was the best! Keep it up, man. P.s. I made an account just to comment you so I hope it's actually you who reads them haha. Jun 15
  • bumblebee56 said:
    come to redding, ca? it's your oasis in this dry world. mhmh Jun 12
  • XxBoquet BeatdownxXD said:
    B-e-a-u-t-y-f-u-l. Still gets better and betterr everytime. Hopefully some free time will pass by. Love Ya. :]] Feb 15
  • ThatguyMicah said:
    Awesome. Just awesome. Hope God gives you some free time to record some new songs. Sep 15
  • magsters said:
    ever since you put poison ivy on your page many many years ago.....its always in the back of my head, so thank you for keeping it on here so i can fufill my poison ivy needs :) Jul 16
  • Kaelie said:
    Poison Ivy is wonderful, you should make it downloadable. :-) May 24
  • Kaelie said:
    You should make Poison Ivy downloadable! :) May 14
  • Lee said:
    Hey Matt, I have really enjoyed your music. It cheers me up when I'm having a bad day. I just want to thank you for all the awesome stuff you're doing. Tell Dave I miss him, and tell Mr. Luck good luck. May 11
  • Loule said:
    Matt Thiessen rocks my world! Love you and your music, you're so amazing! That picture of Matt kind of resembles Jon Foreman from Switchfoot :-) Apr 23

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