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Matthew Casteel


Genres: Christian / Acoustic / Rock

Location: USA

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Members: Matthew Casteel

Thanks for dropping on in. This is the new home for all things Matthew Casteel Band. I hope you enjoy the stay.

Want to win a free "Clean" CD? It's easy. Just listen to the song "song in the making" on my playlist and the first to suggest the title of the song I end up using will win. The song is my latest worship song. It's a rough demo made on the laptop with Garage Band. Check it out, let me know what you think.

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  • Matthew Casteel


    • trish3015@aol.com said:
      Your like the christian Elvis Jul 29
    • grizzlieshockey2 said:
      I think something like \"Song of Faith\" or \"Song of Praise\" would be very appropriate. It sounds pretty good for a Garage Band rough-cut. Jan 18
    • mindcolour said:
      a song title: what about \"angels\' song\" or \"king of angels\" or something... ? Dec 08
    • 1mewithoutyoufan said:
      He Sep 11
    • srabraves88 said:
      you have so pretty cool stuff i just encourage you to keep writing music for the only one that truly matters! JESUS CHRIST BABY!! WOOHOO Aug 03
    • MCfanForever89 said:
      LAFO!!! Jun 20
    • said:
      matthew casteeeeeeeeeel!!!!! i know you! i know youuuu!!!! and you do play some WONDERFUL hardcore music! hahaha Jun 19
    • MCfanForever89 said:
      hey man. so ya, you\'re the favorite artist for sure...i\'m just sittin here @ the comp after a nice lil luncheon w/ the rockstar himself. it was a good time. we\'ll definitely do that again for sure. i got the mic hooked up. i\'m just chillin listenin to Bob Dylan. good stuff. so ya here\'s what i assume is your first comment. i know, it\'s exciting. you\'re awesome matthew. -josh- Jun 19


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