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Matthew Thompson


Genres: Acoustic / Alternative / Metal

Location: United States

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i have some more new music coming soon and if anyone is wanting to join and you are in the area of Douglasville, GA just email me or ask. im lookin for some people to play with now. i do all kinds of music and im not lookin for a certain genre to attach to.
i got a lot of songs that aren't recorded yet but am experienced with home recording and most studio equipment, and sound production. most this stuff on my site is just stuff i recorded at the house and its all me doing everything from bass and guitar, to drums and vocals, for the exception of Laid to Rest (Cover) and Sandstorm. those 2 songs are from the band i am currently with. still looking for a side project and looking for people that are open and like to do different genres of music, other then just metal (although thats what i love alot) nothing gay though. i hate emo and and no drama queens, and if you cant play then dont ask.

i added some video links if ya wanna check em out. these are the bands ive played with live and i hope you enjoy them. one is Ante Mortis aka (amaranth [old name]) and Aggressive Site, my older band im tryin to get back with. check em out and let me know what you think

Sandstorm Live - Vynil ATL(Youtube)

Badassery Live - Vynil ATL(Youtube)

Balls Live - Vynil ATL (Youtube)

11010110101 Live - Aggressive Site (Youtube)

20,000 Leagues Under the Buscuit Live - Aggressive Site (Youtube)


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