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Matt Black62


Genres: Reggae / World / Alternative

Location: London, United Kingdom

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4 tracks

Members: Matt Black

No Woman No Cry '0...
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Born in the Parish of Trelawney, Jamaica on the 10th March 1962 MATTBLACK came to the UK to be reunited with his Parents in December 1969.
This showcase is a collection of Songs written during the period over the past 15 years or more. Many are written and all are performed by MATTBLACK, while others are obviously covers of some of those classic hits belonging to the Late Great Right Honourable Robert Nesta Marley OM. Bob has probably influenced all the great Singers, Songwriters, Performers, Political and Social Reformists of the present day.
His Songs have touched the Hearts and Souls of all who have listened to Him.
Judge this Show simply for what MATTBLACK is trying for..
to SHARE da KNOWLEDGE da WISDOM and da UNDERSTANDING of Life with all it's UPS and all it's DOWNS.. why not tek some time out and listen keenly, willfully and most of all VERY VERY LOUDLY.

ClickMATTBLACK Sings BOB MARLEY to hear trax from da "BLACKCLASH" Album, which was conceived as a Tribute to da MAN Himself.
Please take a listen and post your comments.. all are welcomed.
May God Bless You and keep You from all harm and from the evil forces that lays in wait for the Righteous
One Love and Blessings to all who view, rate and UNDER rate..
Give Thanks and Praises To The MOST HIGH..

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May 24, 2005


May 24, 2004


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London, United Kingdom

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