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Genres: Death Metal / Metal

Location: Other

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Members: Shamara, Isabel, and Vanessa.

As their name suggests, Matriarch is one of the worlds most revered female metal bands, proving that metal is not just for the guys, unlike so many of their contemporaries of the past and present. With guitar and bass work that could move planets and thundering drums one would hear accompanying an army marching to war, as well as combining a triple vocal attack spanning from crushing lows, to harsh screams, and even to an incredibly soothing soprano, Matriarch doesnt ask for respect, but demands it.

After a couple early line-up changes after forming in 2002 in Puerto Rico, Matriarch released the Black Apples demo in 2003. The demo featured the quintet of Shamara Irizarry on drums, Ara Lpez on guitar/low vocals, Vanessa Urrutia on guitar/soprano, Isabel Conde on bass/grim vocals, and Michelle Baez on keyboards. Shortly thereafter, the band parted ways with Michelle after the realization that keyboards were an unnecessary element as well as her inability to live up to the bands expectations. In 2004, the song Sinful Decadence was recorded as an attempt to display Matriarchs virtuosity beyond the confines of the Black Apples demo, marking an evolutionary step to their repertoire. This continued with the recording of the song Profanity in mid 2005, further exemplifying Matriarchs presence in the metal world.

The summer of 2006 saw the departure of co-founding member and guitarist/vocalist Ara when it became apparent of her needs to focus more on her personal life. In the Fall of 2006, Matriarch began recording their debut album, Revered unto the Ages, and finalized the recording process in December after a grueling 4 month process. The album also sees drummer Shamara stepping in to perform the low/death metal vocal duties that became vacant with the absence of Ara from the band. Revered unto the Ages is scheduled for a Summer/Fall release in 2007, further embarking their path to command admiration and taking no prisoners.


  • METAL JOSH said:
    killer tunes Jan 21
  • yUYIs said:
    La unica razon porque esta banda no llegó a nada es porque Shamara Irizarry la batera le cae mal a todo el mundo por su personalidad antipatica y lo peor de todo es que no sabe tocar bateria.--- The only reason why this band never got far is because nobody gets along with the drummer Shamara Irizarry and worst she cannot play drum at all! If it was only because of Vanessa the band would be touring the world right now. Too bad one person can mess it up for the rest. Jan 01
  • Esteroth said:
    orgulloso de que sean de PR! Mar 06
  • Emily Santiago said:
    Ustedes estan brutales!! Todas mujeres, tocan Death metal, y son de Puerto rico!Brutal!!! cuidensen mucho y sigan asi!! Milly May 05
  • Kordula said:
    Heaviest band consisting only of women Jul 20

Revered unto the Ages

Sep 20, 2007


City of Spokane Valley, WA


United States


Puerto Rico

Emily Santiago

Aguada, Puerto Rico




Carrollton, KY


United States


Santa Fe, NM

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