Too Cold To Hold

i finally know ive wasted all this time, thinking inspiration left my mind, hoping that ive gone about as far as I can go. But the feeling deep inside me maybe wont just let me free. and theres so much left to find out before I know

Everywhere we go, they sing along it goes on and on because everybody knows we need you, we need you come on

I don’t think I can spend another night desperate for life to turn out right. hoping I will bring myself to do this one last time.
I can Hang it up and Run away
But Im looking for a reason to press play
So when I give it all ive got just tell me you’ll do the same.

Ive done all I can do. so when this finally hits your ears you know its up to you. but you can help us through… just remember.

Ive been living on faith pushing forward through all these days so I can walk away never having to feel so guilty for needing you and wishing you would only stay

now I might have been mistaken to admit that Im this scared, but promise me, just promise me that you will just be there.