Sweet & Sour Inc.

I seem to remember all the days of summer weather that we swore wed spend together way before wandered off on our own. Until you left me, wed all go explore the city with its buildings lit all pretty we were kids and we were all alone.

We all retreated from the things we said we needed. We were broken and defeated but together we would make it alright. we used sleep all day to stay up all night.

Summers last forever in their own right , but some of us are fading with time. This is a call out to honor the nights lost and gone from our lives like when the ocean and I would collide

We left your house at dawn but we were gone all along and turned our backs upon the place we knew we belonged…shaped these days without out a single thought to how we ever could have been so wrong because

All I have for you is the love we hold on to
Its all I have for you