Freaks Go All The Way

You know we never thought our luck would last forever together girl, but ive been losing patience and I can barely see.
The doctor doctor told me a lot but when i try live it down I end up where youre not cuz im lost and theres nothing left of me.

When all I do is just give up and go for you I will never find the heart to say...

"I dont need you or anything you make the boys all go through. youre broken hearted starting now."

Let them hear from every corner of this town.
Keep it up keep it up dont let them down.
Just scream out loud.
so everbody knows what were about.

Because the doctor doctor told me a lie and now I gotta figure out how im gonna get by cuz im lost and theres nothing left for me

if I lose the fight tonight, you know it doesn’t make this right.
I can make it through this with or without you baby girl o baby girl
But we can never deny them any fun because were lovers on lovers on the run