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Genres: Indie / Rock / Alternative

Location: Orlando, FL

Stats: 1,571 fans / 277,598 plays / 195 plays today





23 tracks

Members: Aaron, Joe, Jason, Glen

"Melodic musical magicians designing a uniquely captivating sound"
Jason Tate Absolutepunk.net

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When you think about Orlando, FL, you most likely picture a cherubic mouse with big ears and white gloves, but instead of a magic kingdom, you will soon associate Orlando with the majestically melodic band Mashlin. Mashlin is Aaron Harvey (vocals, guitar), Joe Knipp (guitar), Glen Wilson (bass), and Jason Burrows (drums). Originally, Aaron Harvey and Joe Knipp were in the band Agent Felix when they met Jason Burrows while touring with his band Unsung Zeroes. The guys became fast friends and found common ground. "We were doing the same thing over and over again," Harvey says of their former pop-punk bands. "We figured out that we had to do something more musical that had some integrity to it."

In 2004, the band was introduced to Brad Fischetti, owner of One Eleven Records, by their friends and label mates Rory. This May, One Eleven will release Mashlin's debut album Pushing Through the Seasons produced by Chris Fudurich (Nada Surf, Finch, Rx Bandits). "Working with Chris was great," says Harvey. "He left most of the creative decisions up to us and helped us bring more texture and instrumentation to the songs."

In Pushing Through the Seasons, Mashlin has demonstrated the art of blending striking guitars with billowing vocals to create an unforgettably dulcet recording. Their dreamy intensity has elicited comparisons to Coldplay and Muse while the band cites Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and the Foo Fighters as major influences. Although all four members of the band are in their early twenties, they have translated their great experiences into 11 songs of undulating emotions. "Lyrically, it's about love and cynicism and just kind of finding out how fake everything is," says Harvey. "It's about getting jaded about people, but trying to find happiness.

Mashlin is enchanting fans with their intricate melodies and unique interpretation of indie pop rock. Their new album, Pushing Through the Seasons, will undoubtedly evoke feelings of idyll and nostalgia. So once you've given up on trying to figure out what kind of animal that goofy character is, sing a different fan club tune to M-A-S-H-L-I-N.

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  • MidswithMagicStreetTeam said:
    New music up! www.purevolume.com/midswithmagic Feb 13
  • Joshua-James said:
    i love the shore it hits me deep. Mar 12
  • Ben said:
    interesting intro...from the heart? Feb 27
  • abbeyrose said:
    i love your music Jul 06
  • monarchykiss said:
    FASTER IS WHOS SONG ?! im so confused. Sep 28
  • bethanylovesjesus said:
    I just realized you guys are super close to where I live :] that\'s awesome. Sep 15
  • EleventyErica said:
    RIP to the band name Mashlin. I\'ll still be supporting The Exit Radio guys. Jul 09
  • EleventyErica said:
    RIP to the band name Mashlin. I\'ll still be supporting The Exit Radio guys. Jul 09
  • ignoranceisbliss12 said:
    awsomeness! very original sound, and the singer can really sing! not like that whiney emo crap you hear today. i like it alot! Apr 28
  • EleventyErica said:
    i like the demo =] Apr 08
  • EleventyErica said:
    i like the demo =] Apr 08

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