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Bali to Gili Trawangan Overview

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Most of us may not have an idea what Bali is. This term may sound strange for those of us who do not like to travel or those who rarely look at the maps. This is actually one of the most fascinating places that you ought to visit in your lifetime. Bali is generally an island in Indonesia that is located to the Lesser Sunda Islands. Their country is actually very big with thirty-three provinces. Denpaser is their capital city it is located to the south of this island. people here are very friendly and majority of them belong to the Balinese Hinduism while the remaining few belong to Islam religion. Bali is actually the best tourist attraction due to its highly developed arts. The tourist who visit this place find the pleasure of enjoying traditional and the modern dances, which are very entertaining, they have good paintings, nice metalworking and music. This are only but a few that you will enjoy in this place.

Gili Trawangan

Most of us may also be wondering what is Gili Trawangan, others may have heard the name but did not bother find out more about it while to others this is a new name to them today. Actually, Gili Trawangan is also an island like Bali. When we look at its geographical location in relation to Bali, we find that it is located to the west. Some of the most fascinating features about this island are that it is the largest island of Lombok's Gili Island andits the only island in that country that has rose above sea level. Another interesting thing about this place is its name. The name Trawangan means Terowongan, which in English means a tunnel. The name came because of tunnel that was built in Japanese occupation. The main reason why most tourists visit this place is that many tourist facilities are located there. One thing that you will find very strange when you visit this area is that they do not have motorized vehicles. People in this area travel using bicycles and cidomo. For the tourists who visit this area and want to travel, they usually rent the bicycles from the locals or they can use the cidomo, which is a small horse drawn carriage. Other forms of travelling used by the locals include speedboats and motorized boats.

Bali to Lombok

For those intending to visit these two islands, you will actually find that it will be among the most interesting activities in your lifetime. To start with, there are many coral fringing islands on your way between these two attractive islands, these usually attract tourist visiting this places. There are also white sandy beaches where people can have fun as well as swaying palm trees, clear turquoise water that is good for divers, snorkelers, surfers and families.


Posted Jun 11, 2013 at 9:14am