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5 Methods to Profit From Resale rights Products

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Here are five ways you can make money from resell rights products.

Resell the merchandise
The first way is obviously to resell the merchandise. This is actually the most direct method to profit after buying rights to resell an item.

Up sell an associated product
However, there are many different ways to profit from resell rights products. You just need to brainstorm and think of some methods. For instance, you can up sell a related product. This approach doesn't occupy too much of your time yet can offer a sizable stream of additional income which you would otherwise not have access to if you have not taken this step.

See, if you sell a resell rights product for $29.95, you are able to up sell an associated product for say another $17. Thus in a single sale, you can get $46.95 rather than $29.95. A rise of $17 might not be much but let's suppose you can sell another 100 sets at $17, you'll be able to receive $1700, enough for any nice vacation.

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One other way that can be done is to up sell utilizing a 'One-time-offer' whenever your customer has purchased your first product. You can state that this product B is provided in a 40% for a short time to customers who have purchased this product A.

Repackage the merchandise
If you have rights to many products, you are able to resell one product and place all of those other related products and create a membership site. This lets you create a stream of recurring income. In addition, you may also repackage a series of resale rights products into a subscription service whereby subscribers can get something new each month. This works well for niches for example home maintenance, weight reduction, setting goals services.

By repackaging and adding additional value for your single product, you can also command higher prices for your repackaged products.

Resell the rights to the products
If you own the actual resale rights to some certain product or series of products, you can sell the rights to others to resell the products. For instance, you can offer two options for your customers. Your visitors can purchase your products for $97 however for one more $20, they can own rights to resell your products to customers on their list. So for a small investment of $117, they are able to reap profits of $97 continuously. Most marketers who've a summary of subscribers will frequently take up this offer.

Use as Joint Venture to construct Your List
If you have a list of subscribers, you should use your resell rights products to create joint-ventures with other people to market for their list. In this way, you can generate a pleasant profit and build your list simultaneously.

Do not leave cash on the table when you have an invaluable resell rights product you can resell to your customers. However, a thing of caution is to check the fine print. Read your license agreement and ensure that you're permitted to use these methods to create an extra stream of greenbacks out of your resale rights products.

Posted Sep 28, 2012 at 7:14am