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Mark Rosenberg

"Let there be songs to fill the air"


Genres: Folk / Acoustic / Indie

Location: Manhattan, NY

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Members: Mark Rosenberg

"Things heated up with Mark Rosenberg, whose surprisingly strong voice emanated behind a shock of curly hair and a white t-shirt. Despite some people already seeming bored three acts deep, Rosenberg woke us up with his unceasingly good love song. Sometimes, crowds at open mic nights almost expect failure: it's shocking to see amateur musicians with such talent." - The Hofstra Chronicle 2/25

Mark Rosenberg is a singer-songwriter based out of Brooklyn, NY, exploring the realms of folk and blues in a modern rock setting. Influenced by the likes of Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Dispatch, Fleet Foxes, Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan, Mark's introspective lyrics paint a diverse and yet balanced view of life: laughter with pain, joy with sorrow and love with loss.

Mark’s first EP, "The Day Is New", boasts 6 original songs ranging in sound from acoustic coffee-shop ballads to full-band rock ‘n’ roll. "Sweet Are The Sounds", the single from the EP, features catchy melodies and a driving chorus reminiscent of the alternative rock of the 1990s.

“On The Way Home”, Mark’s first full length album, was released on July 16th, 2013 on all major digital distributors and select retail locations. The album offers a blend of sounds and gives the listener an opportunity to hear Mark both look forward to the future and reflect on the past. Mark is now performing with the Mark Rosenberg Band, a 5 piece powerhouse, that never ceases to entertain and amaze.
On a new project, Mark is working with Mike Davidson, of Plaid Dog Recording in Boston, MA. Together they are making instant hits. With a crowd funding campaign on IndieGogo, they will create a 7-song EP. Check out the first two tracks here


  • The Obscurity said:
    nice voice man! if i were you i would quit being single and start a band, cuz with vocals like yours, you could go to the top in no time :D May 10
  • Ashley Strickland said:
    You my dear, are quite amazing. Just thought that it should be stated. :) Apr 08
  • abigailthesnail said:
    You just make amazing feel-good music. i love it. Mar 01
  • Elisha said:
    I really really really really really like the song True, I keep listening to it. :-) Aug 26
  • raychiedee x0 said:
    i love yourr musicc. yourr madd goodd. i listen to you ALL the time. Jan 13
  • raychiedee x0 said:
    i love yourr musicc. yourr madd goodd. i listen to you ALL the time. Jan 13
  • raychiedee x0 said:
    IM SO GLAD YOUR ON iTUNES. it honestly, just made my day. your beyond amazing. Dec 11
  • TheBrokenCycle said:
    mark roxorz Aug 04
  • Eyes On Fire said:
    Sep 21
  • Protest singer said:
    h hey I really like your music. My friend Kevin is from Madison. He does his own acoustic stuff too. Jul 10
  • amyyyhooo said:
    love the songs. Jun 19
  • notyouraveragejane said:
    i\'m so jealous of you..gerr my favorite song is Let Me See Your Face... =] May 20
  • ANS06 said:
    you rock my wrold. Love Amber Scott(ANS06) Apr 11
  • sickboy101 said:
  • i_did_your_mom said:
    Add Comment here...dude i cant stop listen ur musics so good hey did u ever wanna a drummer im really ill drum for u jus askin Mar 13

On The Way Home

Jul 16, 2013

The Day Is New - EP

No release date

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