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  • song quality

    ok now everyone needs to understand that these songs were recorded a long time ago most of them and yes i do understand both the recording quality and some of my vocals…

    Jul 27, 2006

  • undecided

    well went to a recording studio today! it was top the place had everything and had a great atmos but im not so sure if ill be recording there for a few months cos the g…

    Jul 06, 2006

  • recording

    hopefully within the next month or so im hoping to record a professional demo in a proper studio! should be a good experience and will also give me something more like…

    May 28, 2006

  • new song!!

    i've posted a new song on here it is right at the bottom of the playlist so just scroll down till you find it. its called "dont fall" and a friend at work wrote the lyr…

    Apr 23, 2006

  • one day!

    im hoping that in the near future ill get some bottle and do some gigs! as soon as i do ill have a load more new pictures rather than me posing with my geetar! of cours…

    Apr 13, 2006

  • damn it

    i wish i could send comments to people! for anyone who has sent me a comment about my music i apologise but i cant send any replies but i thank you all for your comment…

    Apr 08, 2006

  • myspace

    for anyone who's interested i got a myspace account to get there just go to: www.myspace.com/markedginton i got a couple of different tracks there including a cover ve…

    Apr 01, 2006

  • www.swindonweb.com

    for anyone interested in swindon www.swindonweb.com have added my name to their database under m! just to let you know the site contains tons of links and info about s…

    Mar 29, 2006

  • more songs

    hi everyone i thought it was time i sighed up to go pro despite my lack of record deal! i've put a small selection of my songs on here and i hope you all like them all…

    Mar 25, 2006

  • my tunes

    just to say these songs i put on here are recorded by myself and they are some of the first ones i did ages ago so i hope now my songs and my voice have got better! bu…

    Jan 23, 2006