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Mark Doubleday

EP available online. www.markdoubleday.com


Genres: Alternative / Acoustic / Indie

Location: Boise, ID

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4 tracks

Members: Mark Doubleday (guitar, vocals, cello, violin, piano, bass)

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I have been recording these songs layer by layer with one mic and a head full of music ready to put on paper and out to everyone to hear.

This music is me, nothing more. It's whatever happens to be on my mind; my emotions, convictions, and most important--my deepest feelings -- mainly God, love, life in general, and all those who have influenced me.

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  • Dita said:
    your music is awesome! May 11
  • give.me.clarity said:
    lovee Apr 29
  • give.me.clarity. [boomtastic] said:
    so, i love all of the new stuff and still love all the old stuff. i miss ya. hope all is well. xx colors. Mar 28
  • M A J O said:
    your music puts a smile on my face :)i really love how u play. take care Oct 12
  • Kat said:
    wow, i love it. it's just so, chill. i could listen to it all day. keep it uppp. :) May 28
  • give.me.clarity. [boomtastic] said:
    thank you, thank you, ttthhaaannkkk yyyoouuu..your music means so much to me, and what is even better is that your just as amazing as your music is, its so awesome that you are so sweet and all that good stuff, because if i could sit and chat with someone from envy on the coast or treos or underoath or chiodos or any other band that actually means something to me, would make them mean so much more...which is partly why your music means so much to me..not only does it speak to me, but you do aswell. you are an amazing artist, singer, guy, and most importantly friend. so thank you mark for creating such lovely music with such meaningful lyrics...but mostly thank you for being you. you continue to amaze me with everyday that goes by. much love. xoxoxox Dec 12
  • give.me.clarity. [boomtastic] said:
    mr.mark!!! jeeze, i am glad i got to all of your songs before they disapeared...whats with all my favorite artisits and not renewing with pv! lolll. hope all is well, have not spoken to you in a terribly long time, i conitue to listen to you daily, and you and your talent still amaze me. Nov 10
  • OH!MissMae said:
    Your music is amazing. I love the acoustic quality of it all; it’s so touching in the way that most music isn't these days. So honest and true. I hope you keep going with it, you’re truly something special. I can't wait to hear more. Oct 07
  • give.me.clarity. [boomtastic] said:
    i must say i still love all of your songs old and new! you really do contiue to amaze me day by day. i miss ya!!!! Sep 16
  • Jesse Taylor said:
    Hey buddy!!! Still digging your sounds man... How are things coming? What you upto these days? Aug 28
  • Katiec@rrot said:
    hey i really think that your music is cool. I'm happy i found you....uhh i'm burning a cd of your downloads, i hope you dont mind. Jul 04
  • musicfreakforeva2010 said:
    hey i love the acoustic sound of am i dreaming its really good i love how moving it keep up the cool work peace hugs and a whole lot o love corie Jun 12
  • Jordan91 said:
    Hey, I like your song Am I Dreaming.....it\'s a great one!! Feb 10
  • SystemOAD said:
    Hey im mike, im \"colors\" or amandas brother. she gave me some of your songs and your music is awsome! you are an awsome musican and keep doing what you do best. Jan 31
  • said:
    Dec 06

Mark Doubleday EP

Mar 26, 2010

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