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Mariya Fesiuk



Genres: Rock / Pop / Indie

Location: Asheville, NC

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Members: Mariya Fesiuk, Jonathan, Leo, Sergio, Yury

2010 - Present
Much work and the anticipation is building for Mariya's debut album, "BEAUTIFUL STRANGER" which is scheduled for release in FALL 2010. In the first half of 2010, she has released four singles, "Tears of Color" (digital release 1.29.10) "Blink" (digital release 6.15.10) "Hollow Soul" (scheduled release 6.22.10) and "Beautiful Stranger" (scheduled release 6.29.10). As an opening act, Mariya's debut performance at Asheville's Orange Peel was another highlight of the first half of 2010. So in essence, at the age of 25, 2010 is the birth-year of a new artist.

These songs are not only the music and voice of Mariya Fesiuk but the soul and heartbeat of a woman who fought battles, fallen in love, experienced hardship, joy and peace.

"When I write, I don't want to write just another song. I like to write about life and experiences." -Mariya Fesiuk - And so she does.

Rewind: 1984-2010
During a time of heavy communism, lack of Religious freedom and suppression, Mariya (like Maria) Mikhailovna Pivovarevich made her way into this world. Born in 1984 in Belarus, Nina and Mikhail welcomed their fifth child.
In a chaotic world with controlling government and little freedom, physical labor was part of everyday life from sunrise to sundown. The family's survival consumed their every waking hour, and that left little if any time for a hobby or artistic expression. But despite their circumstances a young talent was being born.

It was a divine miracle when the Pivovarevich family had an opportunity to flee to another country, America, to start life again. They soon found themselves in the small town of Clarkston, Washington with only a few bags to their name. Despite new struggles there was something that brought life into Mariya's young soul and that was the power of music. The ability to sing a song, her song.

In 1999 her journey led her to Asheville, N.C for her sisters' wedding where she met her now husband, Sergio Fesiuk. It wasn't long before the Ukrainian-born Composer/Producer found that he shared more than just a love for music with Mariya. They married in 2005. In 2006, they combined their gift and talents to record and released their first album 'So Beautiful'. With songs in two languages, Russian and English, they traveled the United States and took her music abroad to Ukraine, performing in various venues and churches. The opportunity allowed Mariya to develop her skills as an artist, performer and writer.

In June 2008 Noah Dominic Fesiuk was born. The excited birth of their first child paused their musical journey however, it didn't stop it. For the past few years, Mariya continued to write, discover and learn creative ways to convey her thought and outlook on life.



Forever - Single

Jul 06, 2010

Hollow Soul - Single

Jun 22, 2010

Blink - Single

Jun 15, 2010

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