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How Many Shoes Do You Need For Backpacking?

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That is a question I don't hear that often, but it still comes up more than it should. The thing is that a lot of people are being told that for hiking they need to wear a specific kind of boots or shoes, especially if they are going to travel through a difficult terrain.

On the other hand, they also hear that they are going to need trailing shoes if they are going to be crossing rivers and creeks multiple times per day. And finally they will need to have Crocs or a similar brand of shoes for when they finally set up camp. So which one is it?

It all depends on your journey

There are virtually limitless choices out there. You have boots for every scenario and adventure ever imagined. You have shoes with so many different kinds and styles, shapes and sizes, that they could easily outnumber the women's fashion shoes.

However, so many different kinds exist only because people customize their trips and they want something fitting for them. And on the other hand, not all people are comfortable with wearing the same type of footwear.

Now, if you are planning to go backpacking for days on moderate to difficult terrain and camping every night, then you should probably go for hiking shoes and pick the ones that fit you best according to the conditions of the journey and the weight you are going to be carrying.

Some people want more choices

Some people really do buy different types of shoes and boots to carry with them. Especially on long journeys. There are even people who wear their hiking boots only when they are walking on dirt and taking them off when they have to walk on roads for too long.

On the same note, there are people who love to take off their hiking boots and wear their old and worn out sneakers. So, you see, there is no such thing as the best camping shoes. Some people get approach shoes, other trail shoes or even shoes specifically made for camping.


But if you are walking for long hours and your camp is merely a place to rest up and you don't plan on sticking in one place for long, then you probably don't need to carry all that extra weight. In the end, you can take with you the shoes you already use back at home, or if weight it that important, then there are plenty of trailing and ultra-light shoes to choose from.


Posted Jun 22, 2015 at 3:35am