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Four Basketball Workouts Recommended For Every Player

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A basketball player should remember that playing basketball is not something like playing chess that requires only mental intellects. It is kind of a sport that emphasizes on a thorough combination of strength, stamina, speed, agility and power. If a player appears on the court with even the slightest lack of any of these skills, the player is surely risking on getting his/her opponent having an edge on him/her. The rule that a basketball player should follow is trying to incorporate the most effective sport-specific workouts into his/her strength and conditioning efforts.

Here are some of the most adopted workouts which even the most prominent basketball players would take as part of their routine exercises.


Plyo Pushups:

For a pair of quick and explosive hands, nothing seems as beneficial as the plyometric pushups. Take the ball between your hands and start in the traditional pushup position. You should lower the body down until the chest reaches to hit the ball as well as explode up with your moving hands to the top part of the ball. Then, you need to release the hands right from the ball. Finally, return to the position and repeat the process 10 times afterwards.


Squat Jumps:

When it is time for a player to shoot and rebound, jumping ability becomes the foremost skill that can be achieved with regular squat jumps which are particularly categorized to be plyometric exercises.


Jumping rope:

A jump rope, a must-have tool for basketball players, develops the strength and stamina of one’s lower body while improving agility, coordination and quickness.


Olympic Lifts:

The clean-and-jerk and snatch involve specific movement patterns which are quite similar to those involved in vertical jumping. These workouts improve one’s power, strength, jumping ability and agility. These are actually meant to create flexibility and coordination to one’s strength conditioning program.

It is the dream of every basketball player to embrace the spotlight by making great passes or throwing down huge dunks or buzzer-beating jump shots. All these skills work quite amazingly when they are combined and applied precisely. In fact, these skills are what make a player successful and of course, a glaring example to others. However, these do not come easily. Success in basketball requires several hours of hard practices and mastery over the basketball fundamentals until they turn to be the second nature, and most fundamentally physical strengths and builds which can be attained with basketball sports workouts.


Posted May 15, 2015 at 3:09am