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Marcy Playground


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Acoustic

Location: Minneapolis, MN

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4 tracks

Members: John Wozniak, Dylan Keefe, Shlomi Lavie

Named for the formative location in lead singer John Wozniak's childhood, the Marcy Open grade school in Minneapolis, Marcy Playground emerged in the late 1990s with a clean and subdued alt-rock sound.
Woz's first effort, Zog BogBean - From the Marcy Playground was essentially a solo work, recorded in bedroom studios at the turn of the decade. The alternative rock revolution was unfolding, and he was attending college at its epicenter in Olympia, sharing warehouse space with bands such as Nirvana and Blue Moon and Company (lead singer Jason Frost shared a college dorm with Woz).
After college, Woz moved east to New York, where Marcy Playground began to coalesce around the songs that would become the self-titled album. Bassist Dylan Keefe and drummer Dan Rieser filled out the band's sound, and complemented Woz's songwriting. The self-titled album was released in 1997, and Marcy Playground emerged into the mainstream with the success of the single "Sex and Candy." Marcy Playground is quiet and minimalist in tone, but filled with emotion and childhood imagery. Woz's songs run in many different styles: some are modern folk music; many have undertones reminiscent of children's songs; the blurred sound of psychedelia makes appearances; and then there are the songs where Woz clearly defines himself as a rock man.
Marcy Playground's next outing was 1999's Shapeshifter, in many ways a more complex album than Marcy Playground. The songs are longer and harder-edged than those on the self-titled album, and have a more layered sound. Whereas most of Marcy Playground has the feel of a quiet, unplugged live show, Shapeshifter is clearly amp-driven rock.
A minor controversy came to light on Marcy Playground's BBS when it was revealed that the cover art for Shapeshifter had originally been conceptualized by the Butthole Surfers for another album, and then pitched to Marcy Playground by Capitol Records as original work from their art department. No hard feelings ensued between the bands, but neither work for Capitol anymore. Marcy Playground is now signed with Reality Entertainment.
After Shapeshifter, drummer Dan Rieser left the band to pursue other interests. The position was eventually filled on his recommendation by Gonz, a friend who had also played in bands that opened for Marcy Playground.
Marcy Playground's third album, MP3, was released in 2004. MP3 fit the pattern of evolution from Shapeshifter, with a more electric sound and less of an acoustic feel. Some of the songs on MP3 also featured more overt messages about Woz's feelings on the music industry and politics. This made MP3 arguably more topical than previous Marcy Playground albums, the songs of which seemed to have a more generally timeless quality.


  • Just Brittany said:
    Can't wait to see you guys June 4th! May 19
  • Kayla said:
    Wh2t no 'Sex & Candy'?!?!?!?!?....... :/ Nov 17
  • SirBradley! said:
    No sex and candy?! *cries in corner, rocking back and forth* Jun 24
  • Nick said:
    sex and candy anyone??!? plz? pretty plz? with a cherry? and cool whip? and sprinkles? Sep 30
  • filmbug said:
    StarBaby Yeah!!! Aug 11
  • LionessKid said:
    Just something about your sound soothes me. I like it :) May 23
  • LeXXy LoVeLy [^__^] said:
    who luvz sex nd candy!!!! i do so y dont u add it jeez thats liek da goodest song!!! Apr 15
  • dakotashae:D said:
    ADD sex and candy pleasee :D love you Dec 12
  • Emily said:
    i love your guys song sex and candy .you have to add it!! Aug 21
  • Amanda said:
    Don't listen to that guy. What you should add is Barfly, Hotter than the Sun, or Flag and Finger. Apr 17
  • Maria said:
    sex and candy is my favorite! Mar 28
  • positiveplusnegative said:
    i heard you on the radio a while ago, and i really like sex & candy--you should really think about adding it...all of your music is amazing :) Feb 10
  • positiveplusnegative said:
    i heard you on the radio a while ago, and i really like sex & candy--you should really think about adding it...all of your music is amazing :) Feb 10
  • m0ph23 said:
    u guys are awesome!!!! u have to add sex and candy... i looove that song!!! Apr 02
  • the oblong box said:
    hey there.....i love ur music....when i bought ur self titled album it was on tape and i wore that bastard out....i couldnt take it out of the cassette deck...but anyway....the reason for this is to let u know that ur link for myspace doesnt work....keep on making ur wonderful music....bob Dec 22

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