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March to the Arctic


Genres: Indie / Rock / Other

Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Stats: 309 fans / 64,478 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Arthur,Ben,Christian,Mike

In the midst of the ever-growing world of modern music, March to the Arctic stands to defy the odds with their self defined Power Indie style. Their diverse musical soundscapes and dynamic vocal approach lead to a truly unique sound that calls for its own genre.

The band has recently finished their debut E.P., Produced by Keny Ruyter and Mastered by Howie Weinberg and are looking to set up a cd release show in DC in december and will shortly thereafter, overtake the Music Business.


  • ryaneatsairplane said:
    u guys are bad ass. its different which is awesome. and your from maryland which is also awesome. im from maryland too. May 06
  • _fionny_ said:
    u guys rock, put more songs up Nov 17
  • _fionny_ said:
    u guys rock, put more songs up Nov 17
  • FireyBrew said:
    I like your style ..It\'s differant. I like that. What do you use to record...? Nov 17
  • C0nn01 said:
    March to canada...and play a show Nov 15
  • pimp my ride!!! said:
    hey, i was woundering if i could use some of your pictures, its for my media project, i\'ll be using you on the cover of my magazine, this peice of coursework takes up 50% of my mark and i would love it if you could be on the cover.... hope to hear from you soon... pimp my ride..... thank you. Nov 14
  • said:
    hhhaaa i call my bro ginger.... hes got red hair and orange freckles... hhhhhaaaahahaah Nov 12
  • TheRealNikiFM said:
    is this like a serious band? or is it just for kicks? Feb 23
  • beccaonthecoast said:
    You\'re very talented, but in some of the songs the vocals sound a little too loud. Dec 12
  • said:
    I love the vocals Jun 04
  • CDB' said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 03
  • DXscout said:
    Wow, you guys sound great .. love the lyrics and titles of the songs! May 31
  • chrissy007_music4life said:
    hey tophat hotties lol! yeah thats you loll you guys are so awsome keep doing music its to much kool! xx christine May 30
  • musicgrl357 said:
    come to seattle sometime. you guys are awesome! May 30
  • emus_n_frogs said:
    Hey gus ur music ace! Im not gna go on n say \' ur awsome, n totally rad wow dude!\' Just keep up the good work! Uv made me smile 2day n i like ur little stories within the songs n hey ur playings not bad either lol ;) i reckon if u came 2 england ud b warmly accepted anyhoo Toodle Pip x May 30


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