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Brand new PS3 Jailbreak method goes public

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This is maybe the last battle in the long history of PS3 hacking that dates back to before august 2010. Or does Sony have one last trick up its sleeve yet? Something that anyone who remembers the initial PS jailbreak will know very well. In the coming weeks we will get to see how the numerous PS3 Mod Chip vendors around react to this development.

There had been abundant talk of this around the PS3 Underground IRC channels for quite a while. For the rest of us mortals when It finally came it was big news. After only being available for maybe a week, already all the mainstream technology sites have picked up on the story. Usually PS3 CFW is lagging behind the official firmwares however with them both being on the same version you'll find nothing to stop anyone playing backups online. Even if this is a short lived situation it will enable a new wave of Jailbreak PS3 users to enter the thriving scene. Best not update further though until it is deemed safe to do so. Best guess is that there is a new PS3 update going to be released by the end of the week aiming to patch this new exploit. So at the very least we have a weekend of online gaming ahead of us - oh and dont forget to sync up your trophies and grab as much as you can from the store while you can.

Whatever your thoughts about the DeanK multiman tale there no doubt to the popularity of this homebrew. Drama aside though his Multiman Backup Manager remains the hottest piece of homebrew used on jailbroken PS3's. Once again a new update has been released with much faster and cleaner code making the GUI a lot faster to navigate. File operations are improved as well. There is still the occasional glitch with the background sounds but its barely noticeable any more.

If you look over the features of this popular homebrew its easy to see why its become so popular. You can remove OpenFTP from your XMB as multimans background FTP service handles transferring files from your PC to the PS3 perfectly. The windows and folders based file-manager has a GUI that any windows or mac user will feel comfortable with even without the need for a mouse. No more need for a filemanager cluttering up the XMB now then either.

Obviously its main use is as a backup manager and here it excels with the highest game compatibility so far. This is now working perfectly with all games (some with a little tweaking) and is of course the most popular use for the software.

Original PSX/PS One games can be run using multiman from disk backups (ie CD's) and compatibility for most of the main emulators opens your PS3 up to the complete history of gaming all on your USB hard drive!

Some individuals have spoken of becoming unhappy that multiman changed to closed source with the cobra release. The amount the dongle makers had to do with this we will probably never been known. Its a flimsy argument though so better not to dig up once more. If open source is your thing then you will probably want to checkout the latest Iris Manager. A bit lighter on the features so you will need to also install some other homebrew applications but its an excellent alternative.

Scrolling to the right on Multimans XXMB will show you the Web menu where you can download packages straight to the PS3. This is like the homebrew channel on the wii where you can directly download all the hombrew releases. new ps3 jailbreak, here

Posted Apr 21, 2013 at 2:14pm