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Genres: Punk / Rock

Location: Upstate, NY

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Members: The Beav, Aaron, Emmett, Licky, Nat-Mo

In May of 2006, Marathon ended just as we started three and a half years before: playing our best songs to our closest friends. The only difference was that, at the end, we had quite a few more friends singing along than we had at the beginning. Thank you to everyone for the best shows we've ever played, and the best time we've ever had.

Thanks for everything. We appreciate it more than words can say.
- Marathon

Our full length, self-titled record is out on Reignition Recordings. Our debut EP, "Songs To Turn The Tide," is out on Red Leader Records. Both are available at the online store at Dead Format and digitally through Download Punk, eMusic, and iTunes.

You can order different styles of Marathon shirts from both Flipside Industries and Red Leader Records.
- Marathon

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Painting by Numbers
Lets start a war
Lets start a war
What the hell do you think all these new bombs are for?

Im feeling generous today
And Im itching to make a charity donation
There are some orphan bombs who only want to do their jobs
And need a place to detonate

Lets start a war
And give a home to these explosions
Lets start a war

I could say that Im not smashing piggy banks for all this killing
But Ill just turn away and bathe in the stream of shopping bags and half-price tags and giveaways

We hold the purse, we hold the reins
We can deny these spoiled kids their next allowance
When they start shoving round like bullies on the playground
We shake our pockets for more change

Lets start a war
Cause Im a sucker for a good fight
Lets start a war

Will we say that were not buying any toys for naughty children
No well just turn away and pass the buck off to the governments who kill off all the dissidents
And let our culpability dissolve out in the acid rain

So everyone grab your nuclear brush
And your palette of industrial sludge
And paint a sunrise so dark it will never return

Please stop acting like this comes from somebody else
Cause weve commissioned this painting ourselves
So just sit back and relax and scatter limbs like Picasso, spatter blood like Pollack

Art critics are standing by
To declare this a wonderful sight
Lock and load all your checkbooks well fill this gallery

Its such a classic tapestry
Full of weapons and violence and need
We will hang it in the finest museums of history

I Dont Have a Dancing Problem
Fuck this, Im going dancing
Yeah Im gonna get my fix tonight
For just a few short hours, Ill leave my worthless worries behind

Until my feet are rags
My aching ankles snap

Yeah we started dancing in the malls
And on tables down at city hall
We just got disapproving eyes

Everyones a dealer selling bad shit to each other: a time and place for everything
But I only take hits from the DJ and shes always spinning

When the disco ball tonight
Spins a sea of tiny lights
If we just wade and submerge well be baptized

And wash these cautions clean
Like hand-me-down kidneys

They say starving artist
They dont know the hungry part is
Not the empty stomach
But the dry and sober heart

So Ill fly fly fly with the art injections
Fight fight fight all the interventions
Im not down with 12-steps unless youre showing me new moves

Sweating salty oceans, twitching and my pulse is racing
Ive barely started with this groove

Fuck this, Im going dancing
Ive been strung out for all my life
But I can get a fix tonight
For a few short hours Ill feel alright


  • leviLightning said:
    you must be the same aaron from ATTICA! ATTICA! i adore both bands. Dec 17
  • Teisha said:
    You Guys are sweet! Aug 22
  • Killer Dan Rawrg said:
    Fuck this i'm going dancing! woo... =[ Mar 11
  • Primal Enemy 14 said:
    Hey you guys rock! Please check out PRIMAL ENEMY at purevolume.com/primalenemy if u can too! Mar 16
  • Primal Enemy 14 said:
    Hey you guys rock! Another good band is...... Primal Enemy at purevolume.com/primalenemy Mar 14
  • rocktownskater34 said:
    painting by numbers is a sweet song Feb 28
  • rocktownskater34 said:
    painting by numbers is a sweet song Feb 28


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