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The net has altered the way we carry out scores of things in our life, including the way several of us are buying used guitars. A number of years ago, the consideration of buying and paying for a guitar sight unseen would be unheard of for many guitarists. This has changed. A short peek on E-bay will illustrate just how many instruments are being bought and sold daily.

This is not to say however, that guitarists should tackle this carelessly. Consider your options. There can be a risk associated with picking a second-hand guitar you've never seen, from a vendor you perhaps do not be acquainted with.While thinking about buying a used guitar from a website supplier, you'll unquestionably like to look at their reviews . This is one of the greatest ways to make positive that you are doing trade with a respected old guitar collector.

You should look into the collector's delivery and handling practices to ensure that they can ship to your country. Furthermore, inquire for the facts of their exchange and return guidelines in case of a mishap.

As with buying any old guitar, you have to ask for a detailed description of the state of the guitar. A lot of second-hand guitars will have scratches, dings, and "player wear" if the instrument is aged and wasn't merely set aside in storage. What's more with worn guitars, a number of elements might not be original. Work with a classic guitar collector who is skillfully versed and reliable concerning the guitar's history. Well thought-of collectors ought to be able to calculate approximately the manufacturing year of the guitar accurately.

When choosing your old-fashioned guitar, you will want to focus on the top well-known guitar manufacturers such as Fender, Martin, National, Harmony,Guild, Les Paul (Gibson), and Gibson. This will ensure the guitar you buy will grow in value.

When you have decided on your used guitar, you will want to ask the collector if it comes with the original guitar case. If the original case is not on hand, nearly all trustworthy collectors will match your guitar with a case close to the guitar's year and type.

Last of all, when making your purchase, look at it's price. As the old saying goes," you get what you pay for". Often times you even get less. Customarily, inexpensively made guitars are not really playable or adaptable. They are not worth your time or money.


The old proverb, "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is", is a fantastic rule of thumb.

We are buying, selling, and repairing old guitars every day! Call us if you are looking at selling your retro guitar or if you are in the market to start or add to your guitar collection. The Worn and Retro Guitar market can be perplexing and it can be tough to come across the rare guitars that you need for your collection.We are here to help you in buying that next delicious guitar!

Michael Law is a Vintage Guitar Dealer and Rare Guitar Dealer in Des Moines, IA. His specialty is buying, restoring and selling vintage guitars like Finder, Gibson, Danelectro, Silvertone, Martin and more.

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Posted Oct 10, 2013 at 7:19am