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Radio stations in Denmark: Enjoying Danish Stereo

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Radio station in Denmark is usually controlled by means of Danmarks Radio or perhaps DR . DR is license fee financed and everyone in Denmark who would like to watch tv or pay attention to radio stations must spend this yearly service charge. There are several areas to select from and you need not tune in to those controlled by the Danish authorities. There are several independent stations that supply a variety of songs and speak.

If you wish to delight in radio during Denmark, who will need to pay the license service charge. You can pay a new yearly fee or perhaps every six months. If you will not spend, you'll an extremely heavy great when you get caught and they also do find you! There are different degrees of service fees. One is for radio only, you are for radio stations and grayscale tv set (like who has a white and black TELEVİSİON SET anymore) and the other is designed for radio in addition to color TV SET. Even if you start using a computer to listen to the air or watch TV, you still need this particular licence.

MEDİCAL PROFESSİONAL has 4 open public stereo, that are generally known as P1, P2, P3 as well as P4. The P is short for system, therefore it is Program 1 Radio station, Program 3 Radio, and so on. Every station have their own particular sort of programing.

P1 is really a talk radio station with various attendees (if you listen often enough, they appear to repeat the majority of the exact same guests) discussing the new topics of the day. Often the discussions come in Danish, but occasionally you will international guests. Discussions are often very heavy, challenging, analytical and controversial. Their very own listening audience is not really very big and this is not really just about the most famous radio stations with Denmark.

P2 is actually a classical train station featuring a great deal of classical songs including chamber tunes, ie, jazz along with art niveau design music. İn addition they do book reviews and a few guest designer interviews. One of the main common of the 4 programs.

P3 focuses primarily on popular songs including rock along with pop music. There are famous entertainment exhibits, sporting events and hourly news obituary programs.

P4 is a local radio stations in Denmark. You will discover 11 these kinds of stations every serves another portion of Denmark. The actual 11 stations usually are MEDİCAL PROFESSİONAL Bornholm, MEDİCAL PROFESSİONAL Esbjerg, DOCTOR Fyn, DR Trekanten, DOCTOR København, MEDİCAL PROFESSİONAL Midt & Jacket, DR Nordjylland, DOCTOR Nordvestsjælland, DR Sjælland, DR Syd, MEDİCAL PROFESSİONAL Østjylland. Each name think just what region connected with Denmark it serves.

P4 can transmit both local and national announcement, traffic accounts, popular tunes and many of the same courses are on every single stop.

Now do let this specific dissuade through hearing radio station, since there are a lot of independent stations within the dial way too! Several of the other stations are Get FM, Typically the Voice, Nova FM, Radio 1 and Radio stations 3, Simple FM and Radio station ALFA. Yet again these are comarcal stations are simply just for sale in certain areas of Denmark. radyo dinle


Posted May 15, 2013 at 1:08pm