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Genres: Metal / Metalcore / Hardcore

Location: Riverside, CA

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Members: Jake Daniel\'s, Clint Gregory, Adair Cobley, D-Rock and Jimmie Sanders

The explosive Southern California quintet MANNTIS has currently finished working on their upcoming sophmore album "Master of Ceremonies" and is currently in the studio with producer Christian Olde Wolbers (Fear Factory). The groups latest offering "Sleep in your Grave", produced by Cameron Webb (Danzig, Motorhead, Social Distortion), is now available and goes straight for the jugular with its scorching guitar work and pummeling rhythmic assault. Their staggering blend of hardcore and metal is delivered with authority and conviction, proving to the genres elite that they will soon be a force to be reckoned with.
Their influences come from a diverse number of bands, ranging from Slayer, Pantera, Metallica and Meshuggah to Killswitch Engage, Machine Head, Hatebreed, Lamb of God and Unearth just to name a few, and their dynamic sound reflects the combination of these influences. Make no mistake, this is a band that is not content with being television personalities, as their only goal in life is to deliver the music they love to a willing audience. In the process, their determination and talent will quickly help them develop a devoted legion of rabid fans.

A fast blast of solid metalcore that has a lot of fight in it.

MANNTIS will please metal fans to no end.
--Flex Your Head

MANNTIS tightens metals loose screws and churns out a scorcher of an album.
--Metal Review

MANNTIS bash and scream with skill.
--LA Weekly

Proficent musicianship, jam packed with breakdowns, throaty bellows and shrill guitar-driven build-ups.
--The PRP

"Weathered Soul"

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Sleep In Your Grave Out Now!


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    Add more songs! Aug 04
  • Id88 said:
    not bad. Livin up to the hype Nov 04
  • popincorn48 said:
    i stil think u guys should of won the battle for ozzfest Jun 12
  • punkrockistheworstthingonearth said:
    I love you guys and watched you on battle for ozzfest KEEP i rockin check out the band I roadie for www.purevolume.com/mrevansvstheworld May 25
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    i looove you guys. freaking amazing. you so HAVE to come to michigan. that would be shweet. i loooove your album. its hxc. May 16
  • said:
    i looove you guys. freaking amazing. you so HAVE to come to michigan. that would be shweet. i loooove your album. its hxc. May 16
  • peter_2020 said:
    EYYY..................peter here......SIK band I luv u\'s.............gtg lol, l8ters! May 09
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    Fuck Yesss Metal How Its Supposed To Be :-D Apr 24
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    You guys freakin rock! Mar 30
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    I glad that yall guys got signed by century records, yall definetly deserve what yall get in the future. Jan 25

Master of Ceremonies

Dec 28, 2008

Sleep In Your Grave

No release date


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