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Genres: Alternative / Alternative

Location: United Kingdom

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The Model / Wait By The Gate promo


Extract from CD review by Manuel Ecostos, 01/01/07.

Manchester produces its fair share of guitar icons: Marr, Squire, Noel Gallagher. But, personally, there are darker reference points for the aspiring pop stars to plug into

Theres also another influential player and hes the person who defined Puressences sound on their first three albums...

Neil McDonald has teamed up with a new outfit and its a satisfying mix of progress and carefully wrought, stadium-sized slices of delight

The beautiful strains of The Model introduce singer Andy Gardeners solid and grounded, yet fluid vocal lines. The track sways in its foundations as tantalizing gestures of something even bigger are waved around like billowing flags

The harder, beckoning swagger of Wait By Gate has the epic grandeur thats copied so much today but, it can be vouched for, was being intricately rattled out by Mr McDonald a decade ago

This is a deeper, quite complicated work. Repeated listens are worthwhile just to pick out those finer touches and nuances on this fine debut.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Live show at Manchester Academy 3

SA Promotions: Juno Ashes, The People Involved, Tycoons Follies and Rory McKee.


Extract from live review by Cath Aubergine, 30/11/06

Juno Ashes have been around just four months and this is their first Manchester gig, but you wouldn't know it.

But then this is no inexperienced bunch of chancers; the rhythm section of Adam Masters and Paul Dean cut their teeth in Sideshow whilst Neil McDonald spent a decade in Puressence. And as soon as he touches the strings the ethereal chiming of one of Manchester's greatest unsung guitar heroes is unmistakable.

Augmented by Rob Steadman's keyboard washes they already have a powerful but chilling sound; downbeat Doves bred with stadium-strength soaring chord sequences and nod to the atmospheric end of prog.

Singer Andrew Gardner finally enters the stage after a long windswept introduction. His voice really is quite stunning; rich, strong, swooping and commanding, dropping to a shivery murmur in quieter moments.

And even if, sadly, most of those quieter moments seem to be drowned out by various loud conversations inexplicably going on around the front of the crowd, it's clear this is a band with a lot of depth and potential.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Live show at Manchester Academy 3

SA Promotions: Juno Ashes, The People Involved, Tycoons Follies and Rory McKee.


Extract from live review by Chris Horner, 30/11/06

Headlining tonight we have Juno Ashes.

Singer Andrew Gardner is quite a revelation. Throwing Morrissey-esque shapes around the stage he has such a piercing look in his eyes, you really arent sure if he wants to kill you or have sex with you.

Juno Ashes make moody, ambitious indie and for a first gig, we are more than a little impressed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Live show at The Castle, Oldham

96.2FM The Revolution Unsigned : The Amber Club, Juno Ashes, Danny Mahon.


Extract from live review by JA, 28/12/06

Juno Ashes are already garnering a strong following and with the crush of grand guitars and solid, moving, rousing vocals, The Castle is transformed into a stadium of shocking, blinding musical light.

The swing of 'Wait By The Gate' is crammed with exciting and interesting arrangements whilst 'The Model' imprints the inherent moodiness of the bands large scale ambitions, as it soundtracks either snow on a cold winters day or a sunrise in mid-summer.

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Juno Ashes