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Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

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Once again ManchesterMusic is granted the annual, right royal, opportunity to use Hard Rock as a playground for grass roots alternative music. As a joint venture SOUNDS LIKE MANCHESTER shakes off the more corporate Hard Rock veneer to reveal a list of line ups that normally occupy Smokey basement bars and equally grubby voyeurs.

First up are the fabulously titled TIM AND SAMS THE TIM AND SAM BAND FEATURING TIM AND SAM. They all have T-Shirts with Tim emblazoned on the front, which makes it all the more mysterious. Tonight there are only three of them and apparently Sam doesnt exist anyway. On other occasions the ensemble has been known to swell to nine. I can only imagine what that sounds like, because with just three of the team in action the sound is immense. With backing tracks and various combinations of delays, loops and samples Tim & Sam embark on creating a formidable soundtrack that includes three acoustic guitars interwoven in New Order style battles, or cascades of shimmering progressive sounds that evoke the lighter moments of Sigur Ros. This is a band with all sorts of potential beauty and latent brawny power, who must surely be destined for much, much bigger things.

Hello there. I'm Tim. I like making music. Approximately 11 years and 32 days ago, I picked up a guitar....and ever since then I've been trying to write songs. As time went by I started to try and play other instruments. These include Bass, Glockenspiel, Marimba, Banjo, Ukulele, Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet and Piano. I try to sing a bit too, but it usually only goes as far as ahhs.

Anyway, this summer I decided to try and record a proper album to show off my skills. The entire thing has been done at my house, with a little help from a few kind friends. It's nearly done, but no doubt I'll have to wait ages before I can get a proper release for it. It's coming along slowly though.

The live band consists of some lovely people. I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. If I had any gold stars and good work badges, they'd be first on my list to get them.

I'm also in another band called Overgrown. We're more electric guitar driven. See my top friends if that tickles your fancy.

P.S Sam is my imaginary friend. He helps me write songs and get to sleep at night. He also plays guitar and writes some rather ace songs, but we never really got round to doing it together.

Some things that make me feel like a happy bunny.:

Played on Steve Lamacq's 6Music show!

PopCult: " New kids on the scene and they have made a set of beautiful instrumental tracks that sound like a crisp autumn day (in the best way possible). A bright future is looking likely."

Manchestermusic: "Tim and his real friends play lovely indie-flavoured melodic post-rock with gorgeous peals of acoustic guitars, a clarinet and a glockenspiel propped up on an ironing board. This seems, for some reason, quite important - in a genre where it sometimes seems bands are trying to out-pretentious each other they seem warm, organic and very down-to-earth."

BBC Online: "a soundtrack to a glorious summers day when pints are warm and England are getting thrashed at some ball game or other."

Nick from The Koffee Pot: "With music as beautiful as their name is cumbersome - like The Penguin Cafe Orchestra writing the soundtrack for a film that you don't understand, but pretend to your mates that you loved it to seem sensitive or something."

XFM Manchester: "Ones to watch for the future"