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Who Has got the Kids

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Custody Questions for Divorce.

Child Custody is probably the hottest issue inside a divorce dispute.

Also it may be the most painful one, because breakups affect
kids for a long time. No one will explain that each divorce or
breakup isn't good for each kid. Sometimes it’s better to take
a child out of a poor situation, but prepare yourself. It’s no
easy process.

The very best Interests from the Children

You’re going to hear this phrase-“the best interests of
the children”. That’s because probably the most A key point
important jobs of a court in a custody or divorce proceeding
would be to consider the children. Whenever there is any type of
question that affects minor children in a divorce, the courts
must consider their needs first and foremost.

It’s also important to remember that it’s really not a
question, these days, of one parent or the other “getting
the children.” Most courts recognize that kids need to stay
associated with both mom and dad. Therefore the goal would be to keep both
Dad and mom in a child’s life but still give that child a
stable home with a space of his very own, a place that
is familiar and safe every day. In some states the courts
have begun to use the term “residential time” instead of
“visitation” so that the parent who not have access to primary
custody continues to be seen as an full parent.

When the Parents Can’t Agree, a legal court Gets Involved in a Big Way

It’s a scary considered to understand that a court might inform us
how to raise our kids. But which may be the way it feels when
a divorcing couple should have the courts decide who
has custody and who pays supporting your children. There are other
questions too: Who makes decisions for the children when
they’re still minors? How frequently if the child spend
time with the other parent? And how about the holidays?
Who “gets” Christmas? Families is different and has
its own individual needs and family traditions, so every
parenting plan or custody plan should take this
into consideration.

Even if the parents never married, the courts will likely
require that the children possess the benefit of both mom and dad
in their lives. Custody arrangements do not only happen
throughout a divorce process.

Child Custody

You’ve heard this suggestion before: it’s far better
for everyone if you're able to agree with the terms of custody
without fighting about this whatsoever. Actually, this happens
most of the time. If you're able to agree between yourselves,
a legal court won’t have to get active in the private details
of your family life. One thing lawyers often say is that
a good compromise leaves both sides a little unhappy.

Who Has got the Kids? Custody Questions

That means both gave to the other side enough to
feel upset. An agreement agreement may not mean each
party is happy with the outcome, but it’s usually better
than going to court.

If you’re doing your own divorce, or developing a parenting
plan without the help of a lawyer for a child born to
unmarried parents, it’s a very good idea to learn just as much
as you can concerning the local laws before you begin the process.

It’s important to know that even though you don’t possess a
lawyer, you’re still necessary to follow all court rules and
requirements, just like any lawyer would. Luckily there's a
large amount of help out there for individuals getting divorced without
lawyers. Many states and many cities have legal aid societies.
And there are free or low-cost legal clinics or legal
education centers where one can get reliable information.

Posted May 29, 2012 at 9:00am