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Genres: Alternative / Christian / Other

Location: Nashville, TN

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4 tracks

Members: Mel Denisse - Vocals, guitar, piano, writing

This project was started in May of 2008. I spent a few months writing my very first songs, and went in to record an EP that December 2008 called 'Visions'. Now, almost 3 years later, I've taken a lot of time to write, grow, and I'm ready to get back into the studio finally.

My vision and purpose have been shaped and re-structured tremendously through the past 2 years as well. My heart continued to grow bigger and bigger for the ministry and hearts that would be changed, instead of just putting out a record and touring. No, the privilege is getting to spend time with people wherever I may be, speak into them, love on them, and show them the greatest love of all, Jesus. The music aspect is just an awesome platform that God has blessed me to use. I knew that it had to be in that order.

I am hoping to finally be going back into the studio this August. I am so thankful for the time I've had off, but equally as excited to go back and see what's been kicking inside of me.


  • Dita said:
    this is amazing! keep up spreading God's love! Jul 10
  • Crystal Garrard said:
    great! Jul 07
  • Bee. said:
    your talent is amazing. thanks for sharing Jun 30
  • Britt. said:
    I love your music! :) Apr 02
  • ieatzombies said:
    nice and chilling :) though why is your page named "maisie" but the album is "maise"??? Mar 29
  • Angie Leigh Jewell F. said:
    beautiful! thanks for sharing your talent with me! : ) Mar 05
  • CraigSnedeker said:
    Awesome music! Love the lyrics and vocals :) Jan 11
  • SteveALIL said:
    your really talented. Jun 10
  • katie said:
    Hey Maise, can you add me as your friend? I'm Katie im brand new here I already add some songs on my play list. Can you leave a comment? Apr 18
  • Zebedee said:
    i love your songs...where can i get your album...btw if from philippines... Feb 05
  • darkangel918 said:
    Thanks for inspiring me to really just do the thing that i love and glorify Jesus through it. Your amazing i hope to see you preform live one day and im praying for you :) Oct 11
  • A [Tay] To Remember♥ said:
    hii =] you have an [uh]mazing voice and i Jul 14
  • xx Kitty ♥ said:
    amazing. really. i wish you best of luck in Nashville. :D [[even though florida will miss you.]] Jul 06
  • Hi! I'm Ed-ible -----> {B your the only one than can eat me ;)} said:
    oh shoot your show is today! i dont know if ill make it! Jun 06
  • Hi! I'm Ed-ible -----> {B your the only one than can eat me ;)} said:
    woooo hey whats up, i live in broward too I like your stuff! and u seem like a pretty cool gurrrl,, see ya around ! Jun 06


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