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Maintain Composure


Genres: Pop Punk / Punk / Rock

Location: Dayton, OH

Stats: 474 fans / 122,706 plays / 16 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Lee Weiss | Mike Waldron | Joey Parker | Ryan Rowlett

The sleepy, middle America genesis of Maintain Composure, formed in Dayton, Ohio, is a product of four kids who love punk rock. Obsessed with the electric, exciting sounds of their heroes, they toil day and night perfecting their sound. Whether putting in a late night to make sure the spirit of fun comes through on the track or roughing it on the road to get the songs out there, Maintain Composure has shown a relentless thirst for notoriety in the modern punk scene. With a sound that draws comparisons to Set Your Goals, Blink 182, and Green Day, Maintain Composure play an adrenaline-fueled, powerful brand of pop punk. They have energized audiences all over the east coast, playing with such bands as Angels and Airwaves, Motion City Soundtrack, Meg and Dia, and more. In their relatively short history, the band has released their own album, Run Kid Run, filmed their own video, and hit the road for their own independent tour. No matter the challenges they face as an indie band in a sea of cartoonishly serious, sobering hardcore and punk rock bands, they have stayed true to the spirit of fun and sillyness that turned them on to the scene. It is the 90s punk rock aesthetic that they hope to rekindle. Maintain Composure is composed of four kids in their late teens: Lee, Joey, Mike and Ryan. Their youthful, carefree attitude translates on record, but a live show is required to truly drink in the energy. For such a young age, the tour experience and playing bigger concerts opening for their heroes is paying off in a tightly wound, high powered set. Committed to the D.I.Y. ethos that allows a punk band to develop creatively without the controlling manipulations of the record industry, the band has remained the Captain of their own destiny, involved in every step of the process. Although a stiff learning curve is to be expected, they have no fear, leaping past every obstacle with reckless abandon. They are back in the studio again, working with producer and multi-instrumentalist, Steve Falearos (Hawthorne Heights), on their new album, Roughing it Smoothly. The single, "Radio Flyer", hits the streets and the web very soon, and the rest of the album is slated for release in mid-to-late summer of 2008. With an independent tour in the works to support it, Maintain Composure has an ambitious schedule on their plate. They have reassured us that they are staying true to the sound that brings kids by the hundreds to shows and hundreds of thousands to their songs on the web. In summation, keep an eye out for Maintain Composure in '08. They have a new record, new tourdates, and an always developing sound and live show, that truly should not be missed!
The Band:

Lee: Lead Vocals and Guitar
AIM= Blink18268689

Joey:Guitar and Vocals
Aim= Guten Tag 182

Ryan: Bass
Aim= rmsracing1

Mike: Drums/Precussion
AIM= combyobeardbrs

~ Maintain Composure ~

Add us on MYSPACE @ www.Myspace.com/MaintainComposure1


Josh: Merch

Booking- Relentless Touring
Promotion- Big Noise
Sponsor- Keep A Breast

LUMEARA!- www.purevolume.com/lumeara

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  • thepermanentann said:
    LEE- What is your new band's name? Nov 21
  • Tom182 said:
    you guys rock such an influence Apr 05
  • Tyler said:
    when are you fucktards playing a local again? May 06
  • senSARAHty said:
    I Love Boy Scout Boogie Because My Brother Is One And Had Gotten Lost One Time Going Back To His Camp!!! Haha. ^-^ Dec 10
  • iloveyouto said:
    you guys are great! i live in indiana.....we are like neighbors Sep 18
  • Ssugarcore said:
    You guys have a very innocent amateur sound, but it works. You\'re such a hottie, Lee. Sep 10
  • Pip_is_me said:
    rawk on!!!!!! Aug 10
  • said:
    u guys r pretty radd!!!! Aug 03
  • Kid Jack It said:
    come here to Brazil !!! =) to play in Hangar110...I LOVE ALL THA NEW SONGS Jul 29
  • deadly-annie said:
    you guys friggin rock, i love all the new songs!!!!! Imaluvinit Jul 27
  • a shot of mo said:
    congrats on 100,00 plays Jul 25
  • Krunkbot21 said:
    you guys rock...come to salem! Jul 19
  • t373c45t3r said:
    lol gretsch w/ a racing stripe Jul 19
  • Tyler said:
    what do you know Lee, it was me thats the tyler that commented you guys. haha Jul 02
  • AMBER Nicole 91 said:
    i know you were playing at brenda and jerrys in bath PA this weekend. did you by chance happen to go to the mini golf place across the street? Jun 24

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Dec 16, 2006

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