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Genres: Metal / Metal

Location: Seoul, South Korea

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Members: J.K. (vocals & guitar), Jinho (lead guitar), Kyunghun (bass), Junesun (drums)

"Perseverance" will make you think if Mahatma is an obscure band from the 80's and if they are a product of the genre defying 80's Bay Area thrash metal scene. They may have the characteristics of the shredding ability of the Alex Skolnick era and the crunch of the later era Testament, the aggressiveness and speed of Exodus and Death Angel, and the intensity of Vio-lence but they are not from the 80's and certainly not from the Bay Area scene. Mahatma is Korea's flag bearer of thrash metal.

If youre thinking that they are one of those bands that are jumping to thrash current metal/crossover resurrection bandwagon, youre dead wrong. Mahatmas been eating and breathing thrash metal since 1993 and have already appeared to numerous compilations and had released two years ago their critically acclaimed debut CD, "The Endless Struggle Against Time", that benchmarked the Korean metal scene.

"Perseverance" is the band's second full length and it is big a leap in terms of song writing, fret board mastery, and skin bashing skills from their debut release. Their never ending quest to improve their craft have afforded them to make an album that you can put along side your collection of classic 80s Bay Area thrash metal albums. They have included a cover of Judas Priest's "Pain Killer" that they have injected with their unique touch while still maintaining the spirit of the original version.

As the aptly titled album, now is the time that Mahatma's 14 years perseverance will finally pay off. This will surely change everyones (especially those from the US and Europe) impression that Japan is not the only Asian country that is capable of producing high quality metal but Korea as well.

01.There is No Hope without suffering - 02.Beginning of the End - 03.Unseen Enemy
04.Having Hopes - 05.Violence - 06.Falling To Hell - 07.Reform - 08.The Road I Must Follow - 09.Stormrunner - 10.Painkiller (Judas Priest) - 11.Despair Overcome


  • kathy andes said:
    Thanx a lot Mahatma for signing my Cd! Apr 27


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