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Genres: Indie / Christian / Electronic

Location: Grapevine. hurst. fort worth., TX

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Members: antonio. jason. thomas.

It all began in the early fall of 1978. Antonio F. and Rosemary Delgado gave birth to Antonio Florencio Delgado Segundo in El Paso, Texas. He was a 6lb 7 oz spitting image of his father and a happy child determined to make his parents work hard to tame his wild, boyish ways. For the first few summers of his life, Antonios parents would send him away to spend time with his grandfather so they could recuperate from the disarray their son had left them in.

In the not so distant future, during the wee summer days of 1980, at some point in the worst drought in Texas, Dr. Gary Edward and Karen Elaine Shoemake brought Thomas Edward Shoemake into this world. Dr Shoemake had spent his years utilizing Physics knowledge by filling out TPS reports and answering emails. In his spare time he enjoys mowing the lawn in his good slacks.

However this was only the beginning. At an early age, Thomas was enlightened by the superior greatness of Boston. His ears came to understand the phenomenon that is melodic guitar solos. From this day forward Thomas was determined to play at the level of Tom Scholtz. Shocked, Thomas was convinced it was providence the he and his-newly-found-guitar-hero had the same initials. Hence, Thomas began to play guitar on Monday January 3rd, 1996 at 2:16pm.

Antonios eyes were first opened to music through his uncle Javier, who loved U2 and would travel great lengths to see them in all their glory. He would often tell Antonio about the importance of sharing music with others and how significant it is to have a message in everything you do. Soon after, Antonio began to sing, even in high school madrigals, he became vice-president of the high school glee club and eventually learned to play guitar.

In the summer of 2003, after too many years in a bad job market and too many useless credits at a lame college, Antonio F. Delgado decided to start from scratch to receive a formal education in electronics. He enrolled at DeVry University for their hands on approach to education. Through happenstance and a broken heart, Thomas Edward made the same decision to grace DeVry with his presence. After meeting in an intro-engineering/technical mathematic/digital signal processing course, Antonio and Thomas would frequent buffets where they would enjoy shrimp and fake crab, thus sealing their friendship.

Soon after their initial meeting, Antonio F. Delgado and Thomas Edward Shoemake along with Jason Elias Delgado formally made their first public appearance at the Galaxy Club in Deep Ellum. In its infancy, Magnificat began as a project: three guys with just a few songs to give. However, after much harassment and the demise of Thomas stellar-Texas- rock-act, Antonio convinced Thomas to join Magnificat and thus create a more serious commitment out of the group.

Magnificat finds several influences outside of music. Technology, electronics, waves forms, theology, apologetics, politics, books, humility, and people in general are major points of reference for the band. Sonically, the band utilizes electronic and acoustic instrumentation while creating a rhythmic backbone with digital machinery. It is pretty much nothing unexpected from a couple of geeks.

In the summer of 2006, the band plans to release their second endeavor. This extended play album will lead the band down poppier ground, with a rock feel, while maintaining their message and electronic beats. Initially, Magnificat released O Precious Blood in the summer of 2005. This eight, song album maintained a strong worship feel with laidback melodies and wistful guitars.

In the end, Magnificat is about sharing the love of a Savior. The music they create is merely a tool to express what is within their hearts. The duo believes the best way to share the love of Jesus Christ is by making new relationships, finding new friends. Magnificat is always interested in making new friends, friends who would be interested in strong coffee drinks at five a.m. on a Sunday, friends who want to share creative ideas, friends who enjoy sweet tea and lastly, friends who enjoy mowing the lawn in their good slacks. . .



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