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Zeta Technology is introducing a whole new shoe insole that utilizes the ambient energy is perhaps all around us to minimize inflammation, pain and swelling. The Zeta Insole uses their new patented technology that channels and traps the far-infrared energy is emitted throughout the universe to provide relief from and discomfort. More information on the Zeta Insole can be found at http: //zetatherapy.com/zeta_insole.html.Jeremy madvin

“When we talk about far-infrared, it may sound ridiculous, overly naturalpathic...woo'ish. We want to ensure it is clear that this product (Zeta Insoles) has independent, third party laboratory testing verifying that this product emits a safe, measurable and strong form of far-infrared (referred to as ‘soft heat’).” - Jeremy Madvin, General Deirector, Zeta Technology

The Zeta Insole was tested using two separate devices: The Midac Corporation FT-IR Spectrometer and also the NEC San-Sei Thermo Tracer. Using the testing conducted at body temperature and 120 degrees Fahrenheit, it absolutely was confirmed the insoles created an output of 5-25 micron wavelength radiation. This significant output is what helps the insole relieve pain.madvin jeremy

I can’t believe how much my pain is relieved, even though “I didn’t believe it at first. I am a server. I have worked on my feet for twenty-five years. It is a miracle for me personally. I have very little pain and that i am actually enjoying work again.” - Kendra C., Las Vegas, NV

About Zeta Technology

Zeta Technology produces a variety of therapy products which provide stress and pain relief. Using unique, patented technology, the products channel Far-other and Infrared energies to the body, reducing pain, swelling and surface bruising. Customers use Zeta therapy products to assist in treating arthritis, repetitive stress injury, muscular inflammation and also to provide overall stress relief.

If you wish more information concerning this topic, please contact Jeremy Madvin at (805) 277-9092 or email at info@zetatherapy.com.

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Posted Oct 30, 2013 at 5:47am