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Mad Marge and the Stonecutters Pro


Genres: Punk / Rockabilly / Rock

Location: Victorville, CA

Stats: 664 fans / 44,997 plays / 39 plays today






Members: Mad Marge, Edgar, Passion of the Dan, Wehttam

Making quite the stir in both the psychobilly and punk scenes, Mad Marge & The Stonecutters have the kind of talent that comes from years and years of experienceso how the hell did this young band figure it all out on their debut album? Some things were just meant to be I suppose. Led by the lovely and gifted Mad Marge, this group of musicians knows how to write, arrange and perform songs of the highest caliber! There's some undeniable production muscle on the Mad Marge record that lets you know there is somebody knowledgeable twisting the knobs behind the scenes( if you must know, fellow Victorville resident Kris Comeaux of Lorene Drive produced & mixed the album ). These songs are ultra-tight and mixed to near perfection. Filled with huge galloping upright bass and super infectious riffs, this album seriously holds your attention for all 10 songs and succeeds in making the listener want more from this amazing act. Vocalist Mad Marge demonstrates plenty of depth and range as she sweetly snarls lyrics concerning all types of evil. There's really nothing out there that sounds exactly like Mad Marge & The Stonecutters but it's impossible to ignore the idea that perhaps this band was raised on a steady diet of Batmobile, Blondie, The Cramps, Godless Wicked Creeps, No Doubt, Pat Benatar and Rancid. Tremendous first effort from this band destined to go places most bands dream of.


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  • Musicluver said:
    If I had a label, this is the band i would sign. You guys RULE! Jan 11
  • oliphantocean said:
    Love this sound :D Aug 03
  • jay'dubya'gee said:
    one word! Psycho-Freaks!! ilove it!!! May 24
  • CatmasterMan! said:
    rockin' powerful music. i love it. Oct 14
  • RapaxMVG said:
    what a psycho band!!!let's slap the double-bass Nov 23
  • Gabs said:
    luvs it! :) Nov 06
  • Modsquad187 said:
    Love both the CD's I purchased....only wish there were more. I can literally leave these CD's in & not get sick of them. Sep 29
  • *SPARTIKISS* said:
    damn why haven't i heard of you before, you guys are amazing. Sep 15
  • The-Historian said:
    I love this band. I saw you guys at the Warped Tour '07 and instantly fell in love. May 11
  • The-Historian said:
    I love this band. I saw you guys at the Warped Tour '07 and instantly fell in love. May 11
  • The-Historian said:
    So....is the Warped Tour on your agenda this year? Apr 09
  • xcarloisonfirex said:
    mad of a kind.....keep it up........ Mar 02
  • Stas Unwanted said:
    much love ♥ -stas unwanted Feb 28
  • Gladheisti said:
    Trop good ! Feb 27

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