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Mad Hornet


Genres: Rock / Powerpop / Alternative

Location: Chicago, IL

Stats: 200 fans / 8,296 plays / 25 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Zach-Brettly-Patrick-Corey-Mike

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Chicago Rock quintet made up of a Bartender, a Freelance Advertiser, and a Wickes Furniture upper executive, a gift shop clerk, and a con-man. Two times a week when they're done 9-5'ing it, they like to unwind at the practice spot with a high stakes game of Texas "hold your liquor" and follow it up with a high intensity jam session. Just kidding we're the group sponsored by D.A.R.E.

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E-Mail Us at madhornetband@hotmail.com

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Sep 06
  • stitch8o8@yahoo.com said:
    You guys are pretty dope. Like some of the people here, not my type of music, but that doesn't mean you guys sound bad. It sounds really good. I know other people that listen to music like this so I'll spread it out. Peace from Hawaii. Feb 20
  • Marissa ~09~ said:
    I really like you guys. I mean buckcherry might be one of my favorites but i'll totally put you on there! Aug 27
  • :) said:
    very nice :] Aug 17
  • $$-REALITY KING-$$ said:
    Very nice very Alternative. Aug 04
  • xXLindseyJoXx said:
    hey, your not really what i like. but i'll spread the word of your music. :] Jul 06
  • rocknroll4GOD said:
    good work guys yall sound great. thanks for the msg and keep it up. :) Jul 04
  • breakingben16 said:
    love your music :) fav song is late nigh promises! Jul 03
  • Cassie said:
    sorry. you guys arent really for me. but i totally support you guys :D good luck with your band!! :) Jul 01
  • Kasey ♪♫ said:
    Hmm...you guys are a really good band...:D Thanks for contacting me, or I'd have never found you. :] Jul 01
  • glenn said:
    be more powerpop.. u know what i mean? good work btw.. Jul 01
  • OMGitsmedanni said:
    you guys got a great sound i love it come to massachusetts!! Jul 01
  • Baby i said fight fight.! said:
    hey i love your music. you guys are sweet.! ♥ Jul 01
  • AsH CaTch 'eM said:
    i like 8] Jul 01
  • Nadia Sanchez said:
    you guys are a good banc I love that song these people I downloaded it so I can play it in my car support the unsigne artist on purevolume you all dserve it.. luv Jun 15

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