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Despite the historic trend of home sales dropping off during the cooler months, the Austin housing market continues to thrive throughout October. Even though the typical number of homes sold per month may drop slightly within the next couple of months, Austin real estate remains a warm commodity. To satisfy the steadily growing demands for Austin properties for sale, in September 2012 Reilly Realtors began searching for experienced agents to join their organization. Therefore, Reilly Realtors is very happy to announce that Joanna Jennings is now the very first of many new agents that the brokerage expects to recruit.

“Hiring Joanna was a simple decision because of her extensive knowledge of Austin homes, both from the property perspective and as one who was raised in the city,” says managing broker Michael Reilly.

Austin TX homes

First moving to the city in 1974, Joanna is a long time Austin resident. After moving here, she finished Austin’s West Lake High School and continued to earn a college degree in the University of Texas. Joanna then began her career in real estate. With time, she's acquired 19 experience in the property industry and over 15 years of lending experience. Furthermore, she also boasts an impressive 25 years in construction, as well as consulting work in many areas of real estate, including lending, tax, title and appraisal. She also has an extensive background in investments, commercial and residential properties, financing, broker price opinions and training.

Joanna has the capacity to serve her clients much better than her competitors thanks to her real estate partner, Debra Flynn. Learning the ins and outs of property from Joanna, Debra comes with an enthusiasm for all things Austin- especially real estate. Through their partnership, Debra and Joanna make the entire real estate process a lot more enjoyable for their clients, as customers take advantage of having multiple professional agents meet their demands.

In addition to assisting clients with their property dreams, Joanna and Debra enjoy getting together with their families. They also have their favorite communities. Joanna comes with an affinity for the communities of Seven Oaks, Spanish Oaks, Costa Bella, Westlake and Barton Creek Lakeside. Debra, however, comes with an enthusiasm for and a broad base of knowledge of Cedar Park homes and West Austin homes.

So given their records in the real estate business, why did they decide to join Reilly Realtors? In short, they know that the competitive brokerage will provide all of them with the various tools and advantages that will allow these to further raise their degree of customer satisfaction.

“We provide our agents with real leads from your popular website,” explains Reilly. “This, in addition to our generous commission splits and proven marketing system, makes our business design very attractive to agents who are motivated to take their business to the next level.”

Posted Nov 04, 2012 at 6:41am