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Genres: Rock / Indie / Post Hardcore

Location: Angola, IN

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Members: Martin Keck and Patrick Jaicomo

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It's been a while my friends. Many things have happened since we released The Dog and The Wolf (go buy it). The only one of those things you would possibly be interested in is:
We have written and recorded more music.
Watch out for some demos to appear in the player very soon.

While you are waiting for that to happen...check out our full length, The Dog And The Wolf. Available through our website, Itunes, Digistation, Cdbaby, and many other places. Look For IT!

Mr. Cake

go to our website and order it!!!!!
click on this cute little picture of the album to head over to the webstore and buy it! Photobucket

OR! if you don't want to wait for a CD to be shipped to you...You can download it here!
DigStation - Indie Music Downloads

"[Once] you get into it . . . you start to pick up little pieces that you like, and you start to notice that the whole song is little pieces that you like. Then after a while . . . you start to see that the whole album is like that, and that . . . makes it work. But if I would liken the entire listening experience to anything, it is like sitting in a dark room with a fire place, and outside the sky is purple and you sit with your friends with your eyes closed for most of the time and just talk about life."

Check out Martin playing his new song "Camden Town" in the studio.

Check me out playing my new song "Back With Your Shield Or On It."



  • adictive_murder said:
    can you buy your music if you live in england ??? if so please can you tell me i would be really greatful Jan 08
  • Sidwreck said:
    You guys have a great sound, but the demo versions are all horribly recorded! I\'d love to see you play live, but I live in Texas. I hear you have an album coming out and I\'m looking forward to hearing your produced sound. Oct 05
  • Beardie said:
    Love the new song! Keep them coming! Jun 30
  • said:
    u guys r freakin amazing May 02
  • lsxwrittenphotographs said:
    whats up boys? i miss you guys... Feb 05
  • chemically_romantic said:
    wers angola? is dat in da US? if so, cum 2 england n do sum gigs. Sep 04
  • KenzieElizabeth said:
    Okay, you guys have all these great songs now . . . so make a CD and start selling! Mar 08
  • whoaitshannah said:
    yesha! you\'re comin to muncie! ill be there....hopefully. depends if i can get a ride. Feb 20
  • lsxwrittenphotographs said:
    as to that last blog posted, i\'d like you to know that when this demo is finished and sent... i expect the backage to be bright and colorful. YAY i love youuuuu. Feb 18
  • lsxwrittenphotographs said:
    mmm you guys own. Feb 12
  • whoaitshannah said:
    wow. you guys are awesome. im basically addicted to your songs now. you guys should come to muncie. id love to see you live. Feb 06
  • lsxwrittenphotographs said:
    fan of the month?! i feel special... Jan 30
  • KenzieElizabeth said:
    How do I get to be your friend?! You guys are sooooo HO- double T. I would do anything just to see you perform . . . and I mean ANYTHING. Jan 12
  • lsxwrittenphotographs said:
    you guys are pretty much amazing Jan 07


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