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Genres: Hardcore / Metalcore / Metal

Location: Atlanta, GA

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4 tracks

Members: Joshua Scogin, Daniel Davison, Scottie Henery, Chris Day, Josh Swofford

Luti-Kriss - Norma Jean

The band many of you may all know(Norma Jean), used to be a band called Luti-Kriss. Back in this time, the band had formed in 1998 just as a hobby. The original line-up for the band was Daniel Davison, Chris(Derr)Day, Mick Bailey, Joshua Scogin, Josh Swofford, and Scottie Henry.

Luti-Kriss formed in Atlanta Georgia, where there was deffinently a large music scene. The band's name came after they had nicknamed their vocalist(Josh Scogin) Luti-Kriss. Just as something stupid, they claim. Two weeks after the band had been together, some of the guys were invited to church by a friend. At the church that night, there was a youth event going on with food and games. The guys thought it would be cool, but they didn't expect that they would become saved that night, which they did. They then invited the rest of Luti-Kriss to church and they all became saved. The band then began to become more passionate about the band and began to make their lyrics and music faith based.

Luti-Kriss began playing shows with bands like Training for Utopia, P.O.D., Blindside, Project 86, and Living Sacrifice. The band's major music influences came from the legendary band Zao.

In 1999, the band released their first album. The Disc was a split between Luti-Kriss and Travial. This album was released on Pluto Records. Then, also through Pluto Records in 2000, they released an EP titled "5EP". Shortly after this, Luti-Kriss was signed to Solidstate Records and they prepared for the release of "Throwing Myself". The band states the meaning behind this as a peice of the bible in Isiah that says to throw yourself to the lord's altar.

After the release of the album, Luti-Kriss began thinking of a new name for the band for two reasons:
They never really liked their name(thought it was dumb) and they wanted something with more meaning. Luti-Kriss also became confusing when the incoming rapper Ludacris began. Because of these reasons, Luti-Kriss changed their name to Norma Jean, meaning patterns of God's Grace and Mercy. Norma Jean has now released some albums and is making a big impact in the music industry. But Luti-Kriss should never be forgotten.

1998 - 2001

Norma Jean
2002 - present


  • CBD said:
    this is pretty good, i actually like this better than the current stuff you guys are doing now May 06
  • Christ's Heavy Metal 777 said:
    can u put body of god, if possible, please? Apr 21
  • dawebbhead said:
    if you have it you should put up the song \"Body of God\" I\'m pretty sure on download. That would make my life complete. Apr 21
  • Be Still And Know said:
    Def miss the old stuff, but redeemer is great! Feb 24
  • =( Mortal Treason and Zao Fan =) said:
    love the new song Jan 11
  • said:
    An Act of My Own Volition.......... Interseting....... Jan 08
  • Matthewof1979 said:
    The Band that Started it all for NJ. I miss there firer works shows. Dec 15
  • =( Mortal Treason and Zao Fan =) said:
    sweet new song! Nov 29
  • __rutledge said:
    old school norma jean is amazing there not the same anymore redeemer isnt norma jean its everytime i die and i hate it LUTI-KRISS all the way Nov 28
  • said:
    Keep rocking Nov 09
  • said:
    I love you...... Oct 30
  • WhatEverISayGoes707 said:
    You guys rock so hard you blow my mind! Oct 25
  • =( Mortal Treason and Zao Fan =) said:
    luti kriss is better than norma jean Oct 13
  • xtheheartlessx said:
    This has to be better than any norma jean album put out so far. No offense, the records are great, but Luti-Kriss is everything that Norma Jean isn\'t. Oct 09
  • said:
    Luti-Kriss lives on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, well, as Norma Jean Sep 23

Throwing Myself

Mar 13, 2001

Justin Finch

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