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Genres: Indie / Rock

Location: USA

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4 tracks

Members: Ben Nichols, Roy Berry, John Stubblefield, Brian Venable

Stream the new album "1372 Overton Park" here

Rolling Stone describes Lucero's "That Much Further West" as "the country album the Replacements never made". Their new album, "1372 Overton Park" OutNow!

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  • masseffect_08 said:
    They have a new album out "Women and Work" May 30
  • Joe said:
    Saw them opening for Social Distortion last year. Great band. Nov 20
  • celini said:
    My best girl and wasted are my fav songs but u dont have them up here. awww :( Aug 03
  • ji5mpunker said:
    awesome!!! May 14
  • Falwks said:
    This is the best Band !!! Viva Lucero Apr 10
  • Byron said:
    hey mt name is byron.. finally got a profile on pure volume. even though i knew bout it for a while now.. music for life... Nov 23
  • AprilSays said:
    I'm April. I like bands like Paramore, Fall Out Boy, The Cab and more. I've recently started writing music on guitar. You can check it out at www.purevolume.com/heyapril (FREE DOWNLOADS!) Oct 29
  • MvK said:
    hey check out PK on my favorite artists page or go to purevolume.com/pk. they just finished recording their first studio full length and are releasing it in november. its going to be a blast and i cant wait. check em out! Oct 12
  • Malachi said:
    Please search my band “PLAY THE BONES” www.purevolume.com/playthebones We are a new band that would like to be heard by as many people as possible. (FREE DOWNLOADS) Hope you like what you hear… Oct 11
  • brady wiens said:
    best sounds out of any group ive ever listened to your lyrics are an amazing impact and i can relate to most your songs. i refuse to go out at night until i hear drink til we're gone, and my best girl Oct 08
  • Jazzy Jurassic™ said:
    uhh-mazing ;)) loving it Oct 08
  • Capt. KRConnolly said:
    Stellar album! Oct 06
  • ericbeliveau said:
    guys good stuff love the energy of " sounds of the city " check out some grovy indie rock of my band as well www.purevolume.com/steliot keep kill in it!!! Oct 06
  • Matt said:
    hey everybody ! when you get a chance come check out our newest single "One Last Time" by my band called How It Ends. www.purevolume.com/how_it_ends. free downloads---only at purevolume.com! Oct 06
  • Matt said:
    Dude.. i didnt even know chris brown had a purevolume. lol. i found him when i was searching for these guys?.. Oct 06

1372 Overton Park

Oct 06, 2009

Nobody’s Darlings

No release date

Nobody’s Darlings

No release date

Nobody's Darlings

No release date


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