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Lucerin Blue Pro


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Progressive

Location: Southwestern Ontario, ON

Stats: 487 fans / 57,320 plays / 80 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Justin, Nathan, Ryan, Doug, ???



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  • crashnboard said:
    Hi, This is Jonathan Williams, I am taking part in the 48 hour film project in New Hampshire. Your music, I believe, would blend very well with what I would like to do my video on. I would love to have your approval to use it! This is just a contest, so it is non-profit. If you give us approval we will definitely give you recognition on the film. Which may be shown at some independent film festival. We would greatly appreciate your support! Thank you! Jonathan Williams Coherent Film Design jonmoments@gmail.com Jun 13
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  • Drake Zulauf said:
    WOOOOOO!!! Oct 29
  • ultimate_shortie said:
    YOU GUYS ROCK! Aug 19
  • Wolfmuncher said:
    I miss you guys. Jun 28
  • .MelleAri. said:
    You guys are amazing. No foolies. Apr 17
  • Ron said:
    Hey you guys have inspired me. I want to help you guys achieve a serious voice. Let me know what you are up to and whether you still have it. Yeah I know your bassist left but the Lord is King and gave you guys talent. Will you use it? I can help. Ron radallis@yahoo.com Mar 30
  • I Felt The Need OF Freedom said:
    I saw these guys in concert once. I wasn\'t totally impressed with them. Jan 20
  • ilovehugs_maddie said:
    wow ur ok Nov 03
  • nebula1219 said:
    you guys are great! Mar 25
  • said:
    Sounds Good! Keep Rock\'n Cheers Dec 13
  • drummer_chick87 said:
    Add Comment here... Oct 24
  • CAPcadet said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 17
  • Bruce Willis. said:
    Lucerin Blue = love! Add more songs. xoxo Aug 01

Tales of the Knife

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